Jul 192010

I’ve finally finished and photographed the Stillburg heroes. Here’s the full ensemble description. I’ve posted Raab before, but I include him here for completeness.

Raab – Human Barbarian. 39 pts. Q4+, C4. Fearless, Berserk.
Professional sword for hire. Long time friend and companion of Aldor Berlepsch. Not the brightest, but fiercly loyal to Aldor and will protect him at any cost.

Aldor Berlepsch – Human Ranger. 50 pts. Q3+, C3. Forester, Shooter (Long).
A veteran tracker and marksman, most of his life has been spent in the wilderness. Relocated to the north with Raab, after some ”recent unpleasantries in Nuln” where the two have worked several years as ”problem solvers and handy-men”. While the two aren’t exactly law abiding citizens, they have a strong moral code and would not harm innocent or defenseless people. Underworld crime lords, on the other hand…

Brother Wendel – Human Cleric. 50 pts. Q3+, C2. Cleric.
Friar at the priory of Gadd, just outside Stillburg. Together with Duncan Sandels, tasked by Mayor Boismann to investigate the recent disturbances. While a drunkard and a man of little courage, he’s a good natured and kind pragmatist with a great love for all his companions – except the Mayor.

Duncan Sandels – Human Paladin. 46 pts. Q3+, C4. Steadfast.
Part of the (very small) knight templar order of Gadd, Duncan is the muscles behind brother Wendel. Driven by a very strong sense of duty and honour, his mind is foremost on the task at hand. Very pious and devout. Completely devoid of a sense of humour.

Finally, here’s a group shot of the lads. Next to his mates, Raab’s eyes look a bit funky. I should probably re-do his base too. Oh well…

Coming up next, a few shots of the Mayor and his boys. I’m also finishing up the session report of the first scenario in the Stillburg campaign.

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