Mar 102012

Nothing much happening to post about the last weeks, but today I can at least do an acquisitions post. Earlier this week, I got some gaming mat samples from Zuzzy. They are a lot flimsier than I had expected, was hoping they would be a bit more rigid. Then again, being very flexible they will indeed roll up nicely when stowed away. I got one sample of each type,  I’ll give some more thorough opinions on them once I’ve had the time to try painting them.

Apart from the mats, I got an old Citadel orc big’un and 10 little bats (two Citadel bat swarm blisters). Total tally for the week is: 25 painted – 108 acquired = -83! Counting the bats as individual miniatures really caused the numbers to plummet. Oh well, I’ll try to include them in an LPL entry. They’ll paint up real quick like.

Speaking of the LPL, I’ve finished and submitted the first three teams. Round one is almost over (last day today) and it’s going quite well. I’ll post a pic here tomorrow of that team. Finally I can go back to post some painted lead here! I’ve been a bit lax (and ill for a week) so my painting have suffered. I’m still working on the round 5 teams. I’ll try to complete them next week and get started on round 4 (where I’ll include the bats).

  3 Responses to “This week I have mostly been getting… an orc!”

  1. I am looking forward to seeing how you find the Zuzzy mats. The cobblestone mat is quite tempting. I would love if Zuzzy released an indoor tiled mat. I can think of multiple uses for one of those.

    I have enjoyed both of your LPL entries so far. Good work, keep it up :)

  2. Cheers Paul, for some reason the last entry in LPL didn’t go down to well. I guess it looked too much like a random hodgepodge with such a diverse entry. =/ Also, the fact that they have dungeon bases but are placed in an outdoors environment probably didn’t help. Curses! =)

    Anyways, thanks for the first comment proper on the new blog! I’ve had five spam comments so far, that’s all.

    • Only spam so far? I could have sworn that I had commented here already.

      My blog reader couldnt find the new blog location, which set me back for a while. I wont comment on the second round of the LPL until after the voting closes :)

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