Feb 222012

I sort of forgot (actually, didn’t make time) to do a tally for last week – so here it is, a little bit belated.

The brushes are from Rosemary & Co in the UK. Preliminary tests say “they’re decent” – but I think I’ll need to get used to them. Definitely nice enough for the cost though.

The lead is a C18 zombie, a Talisman rogue and a long coveted mini from the Battle Lords range. The dwarf is actually not for me, it will be returned to sender with a paintjob on it. Pics will follow “soonish”, as I’ve decided to keep it out of the LPL. Couldn’t quite fit it into any of my teams.

Speaking of the LPL, I actually received 5 more miniatures last week. I never got around to photographing them though. They’re four Marauder Sea Elves and a Marauder Dark Elf Scout. Most of them will end up in round 10 of the LPL; the maritime bonus theme round.

So, 8 miniatures coming in. How much have I managed to paint then? Not that much, really. I was hoping to be able to finish my round 3 entry for the LPL but no dice. Three of the white clad little bastards have been painted though; a Dwarf blocker, a Dwarf slayer and a Halfling… halfling, for my take on the classic Doom Forgers team from Dungeon Bowl fame. Still need to finish up the second blocker and a werewolf.

Current status of the LPL is two teams done (rounds 1 and 2), more than half done of round 3, one of five (or ten, depending on ambition) done for round 5. I have also sorted out four or five replacement teams; 5 zombies, 5 more zombies, 5 Stillburg adventurers and 5 Blood Bowl miniatures I haven’t shown here but they have been posted on other forums ages ago. Also have the 12 Splintered Lands 18mm Olley dwarves at the ready. These will be entered if (when…) I’m not done with a team for a certain week. I’m pretty sure I won’t do more than 5 or 6 newly painted teams. It feels good to be able to field a new entry each round and not repeat entries over several weeks.

Enough bantering, on with the numbers. Total tally for last week is: 23 painted – 97 acquired = -74! Crud…

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