Feb 142012

I’ve switched out the old blog engine (which was provided by my host One.com) and installed WordPress instead. Hopefully the features will make up for the slightly worse performance. Please let me know in a comment if it’s an improvement or not.

I’m copying the old content to this new blog (manually, it’s a pain in the ass!) but decided to make the switch before I was done. It didn’t make sense posting new stuff on the old blog, when it’s getting moved eventually. The old blog can still be accessed through http://oldministuff.godzilla.se – I’ll keep it around for completeness sake and so forth.

Now I’m off to do some painting as the wee lad is having a nap, and I’ve got oodles to paint for the LPL still. Making good progress on team #3 – but I think I’ll drop behind schedule this week.

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