May 282015

In my continued adventures of cupboard cleaning, here’s something I’ve had primed and good to go for ages but never got round to painting. I can identify two reasons for that; it’s not a particularly interesting model nor do I have any idea at all how to use it. I have plenty of vague ideas, of course, but there’s nothing that triggers my imagination about this model. So why the hell have I painted it? I have no idea, really. I can’t remember how it turned up in my collection, and I can’t remember why I picked it out and primed it. Now it’s painted and I can tuck it away at the back of the display cabinets.


Itchy feet!

So, what is it? It’s a slime from the eclectic C18 Night Horrors range. Yup. A “slime”… some sort of license-less proto-shoggoth from back in the days when Citadel produced the rather Lovecraftian range Gothic Horror in an attempt to bag an official Call of Cthulhu license. It didn’t pan out and this guy got dubbed The Slime. Poor guy!

The model is more or less painted with a single paint (Vallejo Game Pale Flesh) which I’ve just washed repeatedly with various red and purple washes. I want it to look more like a freak mutation (or possibly chaotic) than an alien or eldritch species. It’s a bit low on contrast and not very “discernable” but at least I have a tentacled thing on two legs that looks like he could use a dash or two of some soothing ointment.

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  1. I quite like that miniature and the sort of nappy rash effect that you have gone for suits it.

    I bought one of those from GW mail order in the nineties and painted it to represent a mutant that had shambled up from the sump of Necromunda Hive Primus. The paint job that I gave it is serviceable, but I have been tempted to repaint it a few times.

    An odd looking thing :)

    • It is indeed an odd looking thing! Glad you appreciated the ham fisted appliance of pigments. =)

      No doubt I’ll some day find some way of terrorizing something with it, but for that I would need a reliable source of gaming time. I’m hoping to breed the eldest into a proper gamer but you know… the best laid plans, and so on. =D

  2. I really like it!

    How about using it as a shape-shifting alien/mutant (thinking of the Rutans out of Dr Who) – it could be the GM controlled objective in a witch hunt style scenario with some of your lovely sci-fi stuff.

    Of course it would probably spend most of the time off the table as it would take the form of any of the players’ minis it came into contact with! Cue loads of suspense and loads of role play as the players try to work out in who’s party the monster lurks…

    • Cheers Steve! Nice to see you’re still around. =) It’s been too long! I think the model reminds me slightly of the thing from The Thing. Regarding fantasy or scifi, I actually based it for fantasy (coarse sand and static grass) and not scifi (finer sand, no grass but same colours). Due to my exceedingly clever basing system I can drop him in a scifi context without too much worry or hassle. Not just a pretty hat rack, that head of mine. No sir! ;)

      • Too true mate – it’s been a while.

        I am of course in awe of your infinitely flexible basing system now you point it out! ;)

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