Apr 252015

A while ago, I finished this lady. A bit rough in places, as I tried to paint it as fast as possible for the speed painting challenge on the Oldhammer forums. I failed utterly as it took me almost exactly two hours to paint the model.



The paintjob turned out ok, and I really like the sculpt so all in all I’m quite fond of the model. For some reason, I can’t think of any kind of back story though – so screw that. It’s a space lady with a space shooter.

The model is a C3724a Dawleen from the Personalities range, sculpted by Josef Ochman. It’s still available from EM4 if you ask Doug nicely.


She works great as a squad leader for a group of Cybertech Wartechs, so I guess a small squad in the white and yellow scheme is in the cards.

Here are a few shots from the actual painting. Not priming the model in grey was silly, for instance. That added at least 10 minutes of painting.



I haven’t painted much else lately (this was done at the start of the month) but have had the chance to work a little more on my Deadzone terrain. All the structures have been primed (several times over) and washed. I have painted a dark grey on most of the ones needing it too, only have two fence riddled pieces to finish that step on. The last session, I sponged and daubed maybe half of the buildings. It turned out pretty nice, even if they’re starting to look a lot more gribbly than I had initially planned. Here are two comparison shots. After this is done, I’ll hit them with a big-ass drybrush and pick off a few details. I don’t think I’ll be adding coloured bits to the panels, as originally intended.




  8 Responses to “Spacelords Dawleen”

  1. Dawleen looks great! Terrain is coming along nicely too :)

  2. Dawleen looks good, its a nice model.

    As for the terrain looking a bit grimier than you had planned, I think that you are better off. Its not quite the pristine Bespin/Cloud City or Star Trek sort of look, but its an awful lot easier to paint rapidly, with weathering and the like being a good way to cover up errors.

    Finished is better than perfect :)

    • Cheers Paul (he said sheepishly, a few weeks later on). I haven’t had any time at all spent with the terrain (except when I knocked a lamp over in the garage where it’s all arrayed for now). Hopefully I’ll be able to get it done soon, it’s not much work left to get them to a playable level, really. Sponging the other half (ooer!) and then drybrushing.

  3. “Finished is better than perfect” What a great phrase! I need that kind of thinking in my life :)

    The paint jobs look really nice by the way, and I don’t think it needs any coloured elements at the moment. I originally wanted some geometric, coloured shapes on mine but I opted for different overall colours on different building to save time, and even then I only think it was needed because of the amount of terrain I had used.

    • “Amount of terrain” indeed, sir! I had a look at the link you posted and some of the constructions are brilliant! I’ll make sure to pimp the gallery when I post up my own (in comparison rather paltry) offerings. That crane is insane! Thanks for sharing!

      Also, regarding blogging – just sign up at Blogger for a free account. It’s without a doubt the easiest and most straight forward way to get blogging. No technical knowledge required, you can focus 100% on content.

      • Glad you like the crane; along with the port-a-loos it’s my favourite :) The counterbalance section is actually ‘real’ in that it is filled with AA batteries to stop the thing tipping over! One day I will add some interchangeable attachments to the crane, and maybe to a slightly smaller crane which I have yet to build. I like the scenery to be functional in game, so I plan to have a grabby claw, a huge electro magnet and a wrecking ball which will have rules for well, grabbing, magnetising and wrecking I suppose…

        Thanks loads for the Blogger tip, it sounds perfect for me. When I’ve finished moving house and decorating I’ll give it a look and send you my results :)

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