Mar 062015

It’s been a while since I posted progress on my lizard Raizze models from Lancer Miniatures. I still think they’re a bit rough, but they’re still fun models and I recommend them to anyone! At just a little above a quid a pop they’re as much a bargain as you’ll get these days. Since last time, I’ve painted a few more. Here are the last two – a regular trooper and one with a support weapon of some sort. I think I have 6 or so to go for a full squad, plus another 5 or so for mercenary duties. Probably won’t post more on them until the full squad is done.



And to prove my point from a few posts ago, here’s a shot of the current Raizze force giving three charging war apes what for.


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  1. Very colourful and even if they are ‘a bit rough’, you’ve done a fine job. Liking the sci-fi scenery in the second pic too. Obviously some sort of packaging put to good use!

    • Cheers Gareth, I think they’re nice and highly useful models. The power station pump generator processing unit thing actually featured once already:

      They are indeed repurposed packaging. When I got my latest Macbook, they protected the corners of the product box within the shipping box. Next Mac I get, I’ll make four more in another colour. =)

  2. Very nice, I can see myself acquiring some soon!

    • Cheers Paul, you should – they’re pretty nifty little guys. In all fairness, some of the casts have been a bit so so. Not poorly cast, but more flash and mold lines than I would prefer.

  3. Nice work! They look very effective!


  4. Im a fan of that lovely, pulpy colour scheme that you used on these models phreedh, they look exactly how I think space lizardmen should look.

    I oicked up a copy of each of the models in that Kickstarter too. Every time that I see yours I get a distinct urge to drop everything and paint them. Maybe we might get to see those scaly guys hit the table over here later in the year.

    • Cheers Paul – they are pretty nifty. If (or when) I come over to your island for some gaming I’m pretty sure some of them might come with me but most likely I’d try to get a squad of more exciting personalities done for such a memorable occasion! =)

      I’m looking forward to get the squad of orange and green done, so I can have fun with the five merc lizards. I’ll do a few where I have a little more fun with the colour variations and patterning. I’m looking forward to it!

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