Feb 282015

I finally managed to dislodge my thumb from my arse and got on with painting this dwarf for an online buddy with whom I traded painting service for lead.

Dwarf prospector, painted for thebinmann

Dwarf prospector, painted for thebinmann

It’s yet another dwarf adventurer by the Perry brothers, so old vintage Citadel. I really struggled with getting started on this guy but once I got dug in it nearly painted itself. I must say I’m really happy with how it turned out and I’m a bit sad to see it go.

I said this would be my last commission piece I paint for someone, but I’m afraid I might get suckered in again with another possible offer of some desirable lead. Sheesh, I’m like a magpie with lead. Just can’t say no.

Here’s a photo of the guy above together with his mate, fighting off a few vicious tomb guardians.


  12 Responses to “Yet another dwarf for Adam”

  1. He’s properly lovely, phreedh – vibrant but smooth. Can you tell I really like him?

  2. Great painting! :)

  3. Excellent painting, as usual. Shame you can’t keep him!

  4. Well, I really like him to the point that I started wondering “I wonder if I have any lead Phreedh would be interested in that I could sucker him into taking in return for painting some things…”

    • Cheers mate – I’m not sure there’s much that could get me to actually accept a commission job. You’re free to try though. ;)

  5. Lovely painting Mattias. Very vibrant.

    Commission painting will kill you though, you know that I am right…
    Its so hard to resist cool old models though.

    • Yeah, I know you’re right. =) At the moment I only have one “commission” left – it’s an angel I’m painting for a cousin of mine who’s rather ill and who have been collecting angel figurines earlier. Hopefully I won’t end up in a position where I accept more.

  6. Very, very nice – both the painting and the mini. I sure wish he was heading my way!

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