Feb 232015

I’ve painted another model for the I’ve never painted a… before club over on the Oldhammer forums. Actually, I painted three – but here’s the first one of three war apes.

War Ape, from WOTC

War Ape, from WOTC


I’ve had these guys for yonks, and always liked the sculpt but abhorred the original paintjob. I have a tray of DDM prepaints that I’ve rebased and I’m going to repaint at some point or other. These guys were on it. Now they’re painted, in the cupboard, with only a few measly hours on them all in all. The paintjob was very quick; it’s just a base coat that have been drybrushed up and washed over with a final highlighting drybrush on top of that. Still looks so much better than the original.

Left; my repaint. Right: Original WOTC paintjob

Left; my repaint. Right: Original WOTC paintjob


As I mentioned, I did two more. Here’s a shot of all three. I went with slightly different base coats and highlights on each, since they’re already identically posed. As you’ll see in my coming posts, these guys will fit just as well in a fantasy setting as in a scifi game.



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  1. Now that’s a pulp monster! I can almost see Laurine Bacall cooly ducking as the thing lunges and swings at her. Meanwhile the strong jawed protagonist with a fedora and a gun takes steady aim . . .

    I like ’em. The’re quite menacing and a little weird in a B movie sort of way that probably means we’re not getting Bacall and Bogie, buy hey, a guy can dream, right? Very nice. Well done.

    • Cheers David! I like your way of thinking there – they are indeed rather pulpy. Versatile critters, these apes. I could just as well see them in the service of a 1940s pulp nazi, as a space mutant pirate captain or an evil witch doctor in a far away land unleashing them on Conan. I have a larger cousin of theirs ready for paint too. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it!

      What I like best with them is that they can (or at least could, now they’ve been OOP for a few years) be had for peanuts on eBay.

  2. I’m 90% sure that I picked a few of them up for pennies on Ebay a while back. Actually ages back now that I think about it.

    I gave them pegged as spaaace monsters, but they are pretty genre non-specific. They look good Mattias.

    Space Bogie and Space Bacall sound like a 28mm duo project that you now owe the world David, so time to get on it I suspect ;)

    • Cheers Paul – they are pretty useful but not very exciting. Nice rejuvenation potions for the old “missing mojo” situation.

      I found one more after I had done these up, I’ll probably do it in the blonde scheme together with the four armed monkey spanker (aka Girallon).

  3. Looks great! I have TONS of these prepainted D&D minis and have repainted well over a hundred… often in the same manner you describe by using the prepainted as base coats. There are some really good sculpts in the series that are marred by the original paint jobs.

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