Jan 152015

I’ve finally finalized my entry for the Oldhammer Legacy 2015 warband. Nothing fancy, a little female dwarf warrior from Asgard’s old Dwarf Warrior range. Sculpted by Jes Goodwin, unless I’m mistaken. They are still available from The Viking Forge and I can heartily recommend the range. Quality sculpts that sit comfortably next to most dwarf models. They’re even a little on the large side. Definitely heroic 28.

Asgard Miniatures -  Shieldmaiden

Asgard Miniatures – Shieldmaiden


Not much to say really, I’ve followed the restrictions on palette as given in the thread. As a first for me, I painted gems. Never tried that before. I really liked how the one on the “backside” of the hilt (top right) turned out. The other ones are fine for a first attempt but don’t look very convincing.

Onwards and upwards, here’s to a brand new year and let’s hope it’ll be a productive one. I’m getting a new baby in March so chances are I won’t get much done at all hobby-wise. The theme of this year is “cleaning out the closet”, so I’ll be revisiting stuff stuck in limbo or primed hell. That means, I’ll start working on my two final commission models again soon. Yay. Never again – I feel horrible for letting the client wait so long.

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  1. Cracking little lady. The Asgard range oozes character, something that many modern fantasy miniatures decidedly lack. I used some of the orcs as trolls in my 15mm army.

    • Cheers Gareth. Yeah, there are some great models in the Asgard catalogue for sure! Some, like this dwarf, I think surpasses much of the Citadel stuff made later in the 80s. It’s funny, I painted her because it was a model I would have traded or given away in a trade. Now when it’s painted, I don’t want to let it go and like it quite a lot!

  2. Nice job, its good to see a few more female dwarfs around.

    Commissions kill my productivity, I cant stand them, I feel your pain. Knowing that I have to paint a figure that I dont particularly want to paint and that I wont even get to keep it when its done often grinds my painting to a halt.

    I avoid them… usually.

    • Thanks Paul! Yeah, it’s a dumb-ass thing to do really. At least when your hobby time is so limited as mine is at the moment. I’m glad I’ve found a few guys who can help me out without it costing me an arm and a leg.

      I’m really, really looking forward to chipping away at the lizards and various other things (Doom Forgers, anyone?). Most of all, I’m looking forward to get cracking with some of the Rogue Trader models I’ve been collecting for a year or so. Orks! Army! Pirates!

  3. What a nice little lady! Very well done. The green helmet is a good touch.

    • Cheers Martin! Yeah, the helmet had to be coloured in some way. Either white or green, as there were so few places to get those two colours in on the model. Most of her is hair, flesh and metal. As is par for the course regarding dwarfs. =)

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