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I know, the GW spelling is “dwarfs”. It always bugged me, so for me they’re grammatically correct dwarves. Edit: Imagine that, I was completely wrong about that. Lesson of the day is, don’t do too much thinking of your own! Thanks Robert for the correction! Regardless, today is my birthday so I’m celebrating it by posting up these dwarves I have had painted for me. This time it’s the super-swell and always awesome Dr.Falkenhayn who’ve done the job. As usual, I have finished the bases myself for the required basing coherency as stipulated by my posterior tendencies.

An "archeological expedition" goes awry...

An “archeological expedition” goes awry…

Read on for the background on these guys and more photos.

Back in the dawn of time (ca 1996) a friend of mine was buying a snowboard. He was supposed to get 10% off the price and headed out of the store to withdraw money at the ATM. Remember those days? When he got back to the shop, another sales person handled the sale… and charged him 10% of the actual price. Instead of 10% off, he got a 90% discount! Later that day he bought a dwarf army consisting of mostly Marauder dwarfs. The very same army was left at my place and stayed there for 20 years before I asked him if I could buy them to sell them on. It was actually the beginning of my rekindled love for lead. I sold most of the dwarves on LAF (it was the reason I joined there) but decided to keep a few favourites. Finally, they have been painted!


The leader of the warband is the youngest son of a dwarven thain. He have left the dwarven hold on a quest for gold and glory together with his child-hood friend and man at arms. During their travels they have attracted several new followers to their merry band, such as these two quite deranged brothers.


Marauder Dwarfs, painted by Dr.Falkenhayn


With him, he also brought his personal retinue of iron breakers. Loyal to their lord to the death, they are highly skilled warriors and not to be trifled with.


Marauder Ironbreakers, painted by Dr.Falkenhayn


Lately, a mercenary band of quarrelers have joined. Relations are not what they should be, but bound by honour the quarreler’s commander is bound to paying off his life debt to the thain’s son. Grudgingly.


Marauder Crossbowmen, painted by Dr.Falkenhayn


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  1. Many happy returns – This lot certainly make a nice little pressie!

  2. Dwarfs is grammatically correct. The words “Dwarves” and “Elves” is an invention of JRR Tolkien that has managed to linger for the two fantasy races. GW is either being strictly correct or it is part of avoiding others copyright (ironic but hobbit is generally replaced by the generic halfling by those without the appropriate licences. You will never find Dwarf pluralized to Dwarves in areas such as astronomy.

    Don’t believe me, check Google ngram

    • Bloody hell, you’re correct! =D And I stand corrected, as well. I always thought of knife – knives = dwarf – dwarves… but I notice the lacking vowel at the end of dwarf. Thanks Robert!

      • I always use dwarves but that’s in full knowledge of it’s origin. To me the fantasy race is the dwarves that’s final. I guess if I ever need to use the plural of dwarf outside gaming I’ll have to remember to use dwarfs. Hasn’t come up yet.

  3. There is no hard and fast rule as to what is a regular or irregular plural noun. Dwarf becomes Dwarfs, Calf becomes Calves, and Staff becomes Staffs or Staves. Some explanations say that it’s to do with how the word was spoken in old or middle English.

  4. That is some very nice painting! I just love the dwarfs (sic!) with crossbows. They have so much character. And a belated congrats by the way.


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