Aug 102014

Two more additions to my ongoing (albeit seasonally stalled) scifi project.

"See those, Bubba? They're power couplings. Don't gnaw on them."

“See those, Bubba? They’re power converters. Don’t gnaw on them, man.”


Snitch is a low-level street punk type of guy. Hailing from some remote world, he’s been marooned in the Kemmler system for a few cycles. In game play terms he’ll either serve as an unarmed follower or a plot point marker. It’s a fun little silly model, originally a Varactyl Wrangler from the Star Wars Miniatures pre-painted plastics range by Wizards of the Coast.



Not the first pointing model I paint for the scifi project. I’m sensing a theme here.


I trimmed the worst mold lines and gave him a quick re-paint. I wanted the silver parts to look like the costumes of Kiss or Abba. Puffy and soft. I think it mostly ended up looking a bit sloppily painted. He’ll do just fine though. Maybe I should go over it once more with an old black wash (less opaque) and touch up the silver afterwards. Or I could chill out and paint something else.


Original paintjob from WOTC

Original paintjob from WOTC


The other miniature is another pre-painted plastic, this time a Celestial Dire Badger from D&D Miniatures. I actually managed to strip the paint off this guy before painting it (using de-natured spirits).

"Sniffle snuffle snarfle"

“Sniffle snuffle snarfle”

Will be used as an astro-badger, joining up with other small critters in a sort of “followers pool” for Pulp Alley. I made the mistake of using an old purple glaze from Citadel (the hex-pot flip-tops with red lids) and it turned out very shiny. Varnish will take care of that though… Happy with how it turned out though. Always liked the model and it was fun to paint (being mostly drybrushing and painting).


Original paintjob from WOTC.

Original paintjob from WOTC.


As usual, the best part with painting something based on terrestrial wild life is the inevitable pictures of baby animals you’ll end up googling. In this case, badgers. Badgers, badgers, badgers, badgers. Lovely little blighters!

Badger, badger, badger.




Coming up next, some fantasy crap. Mostly old hat, that I finally got around to basing.

  10 Responses to “Snitch and the astro-badger”

  1. Awesome! These guys really look good after you repainted them.

    Problem with prepainted miniatures is often, for me, that I have a hard time to look past the horrible paintjobs. Same goes for ugly painted miniatures in online shop pictures.

    • Thanks mate! They’re simple affairs, but quite fun.

      Yeah, most of the factory paintjobs are rather crappy. =) For me, they fill a great purpose though. My son, 3,5 years old, has a big tub of plastic D&D minis in his room and he absolutely loves them. Also, the prepainted Star Wars minis are actually quite great. The paintjobs are ofcourse shit, but they’re recognizeable and instantly playable. It means I can play games with Stormtroopers and Chewie and Han Solo and so on without having to lift a finger. No matter how crap they look, my imagination and recollection of the characters fill in the blanks – so I actually don’t see the shitty paintjobs.

      • I realised that I dint see the paint jobs half as much as I thought when I was playing a lot of Heroclix. That made me reassess what it is that I wanted from miniatures and miniature painting. In turn that made me boil a lot of my toy soldier painting processes down and relearn certain elements a few years ago.

        For a while I produced similarly shitty paint jobs and eventually most of the old process came back in one form or another. But the whole process made me realise which corners to cut when painting in order to speed up the whole thing.

        A bit of an aside there…

        Cool PJs Mattias. The puffy silver looks exactly as it should – thats what I thought it was supposed to represent. No need to touch it. That guy looks great.

        The badger however looks fantastic. I have one of those badger models and I am now tempted to paint it, possibly in similar colours to yours. De-natured spirits sound smelly, I wonder if I could just paint over it. Was the stripping process straightforward? Did it require a lot of elbow grease?

        • Cheers Paul! The stripping was dead easy… I let the mini soak a few days in the spirits (it was a trial piece to see if the material would handle it well or turn sticky or whatnot) and then it just scrubbed off without much hassle at all. The same method didn’t work at all on the wrangler or a few others. Go figure. And yeah, it is rather smelly – but not horribly so.

          Go paint your badger, it’s a fun model to paint with its deep texture.

          I can see what you mean regarding prepaints. I had some problems with the D&D prepaints, but that was mainly because the characters were unknown to me. And some of them were covered in poorly applied black wash which made them look dirty and smudged. I find the Star Wars minis much more pleasing to the eye and I think it’s the familiarity with the subject matter rather than quality of the paint jobs.

  2. You should leave the pilot paintjob alone I think phreedh, he looks great with what you’ve already achieved!

    What’s that “de-natured spirit” stuff you mentioned?

    Well done on the paintjobs, you’ve managed to breathe life into terribly painted minis :)


    • Thanks head head!

      Regarding denatured spirits – In Swedish, it’s called T-Röd (for any Swedish readers) and I suppose an adequate term in English would be rubbing alcohol:

      We don’t have Dettol in Sweden (except for small import stores) so when stripping plastics I use denatured spirits. It works, but not always great.

  3. Very nice work on the wrangler! I think I may have one of those* kicking around my star wars prepaints box, I will have to take a look some time.

    *although given that I bought all of the figures from Ebay, I am just as likely to have “Varactyl Wrangler x5″…

    • Cheers Lasgunpacker! I picked him out as he’s not easily recognizeable as “that there alien from Star Wars”. Would be harder getting away with a pink rodian (ie Greedo).

  4. Great stuff! I really like your ‘astro-badger’ – it looks weird space animal-like in just the right way. Top notch.

  5. Thanks Martin. It turned out quite alright in the end but i was a bit worried for a while when painting it. Initially I went with pink “lumps” but decided they looked better blue. Glad I did that change.

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