May 232010

Since I built the first two stands of trees a while back, I’ve been annoyed with the trees being fixed to the base. It made it difficult to place and move miniatures in the woods. I got the idea that I could mount each tree individually on washers and then glue a magnetic strip to the base. This would hold the tree in place and the base could be moved and stored without the trees falling off. It also keeps the trees from toppling over. At the same time, the trees can be removed temporarily when need be. I’ve mounted all my trees on washers now, and built a proof of concept. Images and comments below.

While not perfect, I’m very satisfied with the solution. I need to tidy up the “slots” a bit and maybe try harder to make the trees fit snuggly in all slots but all in all it’s good. Not only good, but good enough!

Coming soon: Zombies, in more than one way. I need to finish my summary of our latest game and I also need to take and post pics of my recently finished fantasy zombies for the Stillburg project!

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