Jun 022014

Morley have always been a straight shooting, fair dealing type even if he’s not too bothered with following the law of the Empire. Most of his peers mock him for being bland, boring or lacking style but Morley doesn’t care. Morley does the job and Morley’s getting paid. That about sums it up. He’s the captain of his own ship, sometimes taking long contracts with big corporations and sometimes doing small jobs for private contractors.

If your money’s good, you’re good with Morley.

Morley’s a Metal Magic Spacelords C3064b Cybertech S.E.C.S Troop with heavy laser, firing.  As always with this range, it’s sculpted by Josef Ochmann and released in the early 90s. I really like this model, and the whole sub-range of S.E.C.S troopers. I have a few more that will make up Captain Morley’s crew. Together they’ll be one of two warbands I’m painting up to try out Pulp Alley.

  4 Responses to “Captain Morley; smuggler, scoundrel and space pirate”

  1. Say hello to my little friend!

    Nice job mate.

  2. Fair play to Morley if he manages to be a “straight shooter” with that piece of ordnance. It looks like it would dislocate his shoulder if he fired it.

    Nice painting though, its a cool looking figure. Its great to see this project developing :)

    • Well, it IS a HEAVY laser. =D I kind of liked the idea of having a captain who whips out a big honking lasgun when trouble arises.

      Wait ’til you see what the mechanic is lugging around. Makes Morley’s gun look like a pea shooter. =)

      I’m having a lot of fun painting these guys, for some reason scifi makes for brighter models. Everything I’ve painted so far looks drab in comparison next to these. Then again, not many orcs wear blue boilersuits with yellow boots.

      One of the best parts is how I’m unifying groups of models by uniform rather than colour. I’m painting another guy (the aforementioned mechanic) and his jumpsuit is red, but he has the same kind of boots and shoulder pads going on so those are yellow too. That means I can pull out stuff I’ve never really used on my fantasy models. I also got a bunch of old (round pots with white label) Citadel paints as extras when I bought WHFB 4th edt off a guy here in Sweden. Some old things I never had, like a terracotta paint. Lovely to use 25 year old paints that are nowhere near drying out!

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