May 152010

I recently found an uhm… “digital copy” of Warhammer Townscapes from 1988. This is one of those awesome products GW put out in the 80s, stuff you could actually get a lot of mileage out of. It’s a hard cover “book”, containing sheets with which you build cardboard buildings.

I’ve printed a few pages and assembled two buildings so far. In want of cardboard, I have instead used foam core sheets. The houses are a lot more stable, but building one includes a lot more work and I think the end result would be tidier if I had the original product. Nevertheless, these houses will serve just fine on our table top and should work wonders when playing in the town of Stillburg. Here are the two buildings done so far. Click for large versions in a new window!

Here are some smaller shots showing the back of the two buildings.

They were used in game yesterday for the first time, when my cousin and I played a highly entertaining game of Song of Blades. I’ll post a session report later today, hopefully. As a teaser, I can say it involved a handfull of very scared villagers and a horde of 38 zombies!

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