May 182014

Meet Paulie, a small-time crook gone big-time over night. Papers is currently based on McKemmler IV, where he’s been mixing it up with ArmaSec agents. Wanted by the Empire for data theft and various other cyber crimes, a bounty have been issued on him. The big question is, can he count on his newfound friends in ArmaSec to bail him out if he gets caught? Probably not…

Paulie Papers, planning capers.

This is a Metal Magic Spacelords C3706c Civilian Carrying Documents. Sculpted by Josef Ochmann and released in the early 90s, he’s still in production and available from EM4 Miniatures for a measly £1.50 at the time of writing. Go get one!

This marks a special occasion by the way. Not only is this the first painted miniature I’m posting this year, it is also the first painted miniature for my scifi project. Oh joy! If you think I’ve downgraded the backgrounds a bit you’re absolutely right. In my constant strife to optimize the process I’ve done several changes to my regular approach to miniature painting (and posting). First of all, I’ve tried to keep as limited a palette as possible. My main source of inspiration is 80s comics. Secondly, I’m doing no blending or serious highlighting or shading. Basecoat, wash, basecoat, highlight. That’s it. I’ve also omitted the scatter or static grass on the base as I’m not 100% certain how I’ll base these models. I want them to be able to share monsters and creatures with my fantasy models, so I’m going for a similar basing style. I might end up putting static grass on these too, or some other ground scatter. The jury is still out. Furthermore, I won’t do scenic shots of the models I post as my main purpose with posting this is to get an online reference and documentation on what I’m painting. Every now and then I might do “specials” with groups of minis, but for now – white backgrounds will have to suffice. This to reduce the setup time and general faffing about with the photos.

Finally, I won’t do detailed write-ups or come up with personalities for EVERY miniature. If I have something, I will post it of course – but I won’t force it.

PS. Collaborative credit to Paul over at sho3box who inadvertently helped me name this guy when we were discussing it and the alliterative naming method Stan Lee has employed. A bit geek, yes.

  9 Responses to “Paulie Papers, intergalactic schemester”

  1. He looks splendid !

    He has just the right amount of pathetic aetsthetic. The guy probably can fly an spacecraft but he has his orders written on paper !

    The painting brings the best of the sculpt and the shades and grey hair give just the right attitude to the character.

    As for alliterative naming, I would have thought of Walt Disney first …

    • Disney names aren’t alliterative at all in Swedish, so I actually had to think about that one when you mentioned it. =)

      Thanks though, appreciate the comment! Does the hair make him look old, btw? I was going for platinum dyed guy in his 30s, not an old geezer. =D

      • Same in French, no alliteration whatsoever…

        No, the hair colour doesn’t make him look old really, I was torn between salt n’ pepper à la George Clooney or platinum hair à la Billy Idol but now you just helped me understand which one it was. Dyed platinium hair have a slight yellowish hue in my mind but to be honest it doesn’t matter, he is good as he is really.

        Looking forward to seeing more in the vein !

        @ Cheetor/Shoebox : thanks !

  2. Im digging it :)

    Rationalising the process is a good thing if it increases output. Output is easily the best motivator for me, so anything that increases that has knock on effect.

    And thanks for the shout out.

    Good call on Walt Disney Asslessman.

    • Cheers Paul! I’ve found the limited palettes helping A LOT! So far, I’ve finished three and have a fourth staggeringly close to finished and another two guys in varying states of half done. Best of all, I’m really enjoying myself!

  3. Very nice indeed. I like the 80’s 2000AD-look – He’s straight out of Mega-City One!

  4. Cool, he looks great. I think a simple style of basecoat and ink painting is optimal for gaming purposes. It’s not CMON after all. Save the hard work for the superstar models in our collections.

    • Thanks – and true that Sean! Sometimes you just have to question wether anyone will notice or not when you spot something you’d like to change.

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