May 132010

So, it’s been a while since I posted anything here… that’s mainly because me and Marie eloped and got married last weekend! =) We didn’t want anything big, so went with the smallest possible. We got married in city hall, in the company of my cousin and his fiancé. We had an awesome day, where we went to Lousiana in Denmark (museum of modern arts) and then headed back to Malmö for dinner at a very nice restaurant and spent the night in the suite of Mayfair Hotel. Here’s a pic of the four of us right after the 5 minute (and that was the long version) wedding.

Apart from getting married, I have been able to finish four skeleton archers. Only need three for the first scenario in the Stillburg campaign, but I figured I’d paint all four of them in one go. Good idea, as they were complete bastards to paint for some reason. I tried to do it “properly” on the first test mini, but when things didn’t work out I just surrendered and drybrushed almost everything. I’m very happy to see them finished, but I think the end result looks a little sloppier than usual. They look just fine in a group though!

Making good progress but still a long way to go until the minis for the first scenario are all painted up! 8 painted, 14 to go. How people can finish a complete army is way beyond me! To lighten the mood, here’s one last shot.

Cue the Benny Hill music:

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