Apr 252015

A while ago, I finished this lady. A bit rough in places, as I tried to paint it as fast as possible for the speed painting challenge on the Oldhammer forums. I failed utterly as it took me almost exactly two hours to paint the model.



The paintjob turned out ok, and I really like the sculpt so all in all I’m quite fond of the model. For some reason, I can’t think of any kind of back story though – so screw that. It’s a space lady with a space shooter.

The model is a C3724a Dawleen from the Personalities range, sculpted by Josef Ochman. It’s still available from EM4 if you ask Doug nicely.


She works great as a squad leader for a group of Cybertech Wartechs, so I guess a small squad in the white and yellow scheme is in the cards.

Here are a few shots from the actual painting. Not priming the model in grey was silly, for instance. That added at least 10 minutes of painting.



I haven’t painted much else lately (this was done at the start of the month) but have had the chance to work a little more on my Deadzone terrain. All the structures have been primed (several times over) and washed. I have painted a dark grey on most of the ones needing it too, only have two fence riddled pieces to finish that step on. The last session, I sponged and daubed maybe half of the buildings. It turned out pretty nice, even if they’re starting to look a lot more gribbly than I had initially planned. Here are two comparison shots. After this is done, I’ll hit them with a big-ass drybrush and pick off a few details. I don’t think I’ll be adding coloured bits to the panels, as originally intended.




Apr 132015

Great news everybody – on the first of April, my baby daughter was born! Everything have gone very well and the only thing clouding our happiness is the four year old who is driving us nuts with his constant chattering. He. Simply. Won’t. Stop. Babbling! He’s like the singing bush in Three Amigos!

Emma Rebecka Victoria

Welcome to the world, Emma Rebecka Victoria!


To keep this on topic, I’m happy to say I’ve actually painted a few models recently too! First up is this robot from the not very well known Perry Rhodan range from Hobby Products (of Metal Magic Fantasy and Spacelords fame). It’s a C2141c Gladiator Combat Robot and rather out of print. Some of the Perry Rhodan minis can still be purchased from Ludik Bazaar here.

++// TAKE ONE. MORE. SIR? //++

++// TAKE ONE. MORE. SIR? //++

As I don’t game (or know) Perry Rhodan, ol’ T1M will feature in my Rogue Trader inspired scifi skirmish universe. Off the shelf, he’ll be known as an autonomous bounty hunter robot currently operating in the McKemmler system. There are some who call him… Tim? His origin is unknown, but that it’s a Tandoori Systems M-series (first edition) is pretty obvious. That particular range was decomissioned shortly after release as they had big problems with the persona allocation algorithms. On Tim, it have manifested in a very curteous and well behaved voice and vocabulary of a waiter at a high-class restaurant. It makes a stark, almost comedic, contrast to his murderous demeanour.


In other news, the Deadzone terrain is shaping up nicely. I’ve been struggling a bit with the base coating and probably did a few un-needed coats of spray priming (first black, then gray, then off-white) but now they’re all base coated and have had a first grime-up. Next, I’ll daub them a bit with sponges and flick splatter them with a tooth brush. After that, I’ll drybrush and possibly pick out a few things but most likely they’ll be ready for gaming after two levels of drybrush (heavy off-white, light pure white).

Always nice to sneak off to the garage for a cigar and some terrain painting!

Always nice to sneak off to the garage for a cigar and some terrain painting!