Jun 192014

Stickney is Captain Morley‘s second in command and co-pilot on the Chaste Magpie. He’s very, very fond of his most recent acquisition: a military issue RPG launcher he won in a card game on Phobos.

“… it’s the only way to be sure.”

This is yet another Metal Magic Spacelords miniature by Josef Ochmann – C3066b Cybertech S.E.C.S Troop with rocket launcher. It’s the last S.E.C.S model I’m painting for now, with the remaining models of the ships crew being from other parts of the Spacelords line.

Speaking of the Spacelords miniatures, Doug over at EM4 have finally caved in and started expanding his offering. Information can be found in this thread on LAF. Good times! So far, Phagon Battleclones and Ship’s Crew have both been re-released – for the first time in decades!

Jun 022014

Morley have always been a straight shooting, fair dealing type even if he’s not too bothered with following the law of the Empire. Most of his peers mock him for being bland, boring or lacking style but Morley doesn’t care. Morley does the job and Morley’s getting paid. That about sums it up. He’s the captain of his own ship, sometimes taking long contracts with big corporations and sometimes doing small jobs for private contractors.

If your money’s good, you’re good with Morley.

Morley’s a Metal Magic Spacelords C3064b Cybertech S.E.C.S Troop with heavy laser, firing.  As always with this range, it’s sculpted by Josef Ochmann and released in the early 90s. I really like this model, and the whole sub-range of S.E.C.S troopers. I have a few more that will make up Captain Morley’s crew. Together they’ll be one of two warbands I’m painting up to try out Pulp Alley.