Sep 132012

Got another batch of finely detailed plastic miniatures from the 90s. This time Steve (from Tea’s Getting Cold) took pity on me (I assume because of the suffering endured when painting 16 identical dwarfs) and shipped me a box of free swag in varying states of decay.

Styrene for the styrene god!

I got 18 intact plastic dudes (6 chaos warriors, 4 beastmen, 4 goblins, 2 empire halbardiers, 1 elf archer and a dwarf) and almost double that with cut off weapons.

"Is that a beastman in your bitz box or are you just happy to see me?"

This brings my total for 2012 to 62 painted – 238 acquired = -176. I’ve vowed to paint the 18 intact models before the end of 2012, so expect to see more painted dull plastic dross on here. Before painting them, I’ll have another go at the Doom Forgers team for Dungeon Bowl. Ten more models to go there! I also have a very serious urge to paint up my “Chaos All-Stars” human team. I’ll postpone that to “after the plastics” though.

Sep 032012

This guy is another model I’ve bought painted off LAF members. This time, it’s a classic Realms of Chaos beastman and he’s sporting an equally classic paintjob courtesy of Elysium64 (who also painted my Spartan chaps I posted earlier). I’ve got a few more beasty things painted by Simon, but they haven’t been rebased yet. The model was sculpted by Jes Goodwin and can be seen among other places in the 1989 catalogue.

Painted by Elysium64

Don’t really have a warband to put him in just yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to get some more chaos painted up as there’s a huge chaotic hole in my collection of painted models.


Sep 022012

These three ladies were bought painted. They’re Foundry models, from various ranges. I don’t care much for them, but they were part of a larger lot and are servicable civilians for collateral damage. They were painted by Elysium64, same as my previously posted Foundry Spartans.

Painted by Elysium64

I suppose the witchy looking lady could get a spot in a warband as a magic user, but the other two won’t get past the “objective marker” role. Tough titties!

Sep 012012

I bought these three minis painted from LeadAsbestos at LAF almost a year ago. Haven’t gotten around to re-base them until now, but here they are. A nice little trio of classic Citadel barbarians. Sculpted by the Perry bros they were part of the Fighters range in the ’88 catalogue. I’m not exactly sure about the rightmost guy, haven’t been able to find him in a catalogue.

Painted by LeadAsbestos

I imagine them being a group of travelling mercenaries, with the red headed girl being the brains of the operation. Will be easy enough to slot into the Stillburg campaign if needed, or they’ll work just as well with my other human adventurer types to make up mercenaries for a pick-up-and-play warband. Once I get some more barbarians from the same range painted up, I might end up with enough of them to do a proper Norse warband. I would like that.