Jun 262012

This is a battle report of a Song of Blades and Heroes game I played with my cousin almost two years ago. Good thing I took good notes and plenty of out of focus photos! Re-shot the photos the other day, so here’s the report finally! If you missed the first installment of Stillburg, you can read that battle report here. We’ve played the third game too, and I’m preparing the fourth (got all the zombies painted up, thanks to the LPL). Hopefully it won’t be two years until I get the report for the third game up!

SCENARIO 2 – Badwater Brouhaha

With the death of mayor Boismann, the heroes are not exactly treated as such in Stillburg. No matter how ill regarded his ways were, he was still a native resident of the town. None of the patrons at the local alehouse ”The Nag’s Head” seem to even remember ”good old Phoncible’s” conniving ways. Instead his heroic sacrifice is celebrated with ample amounts of drink and tales of how bravely he more or less single-handedly staved off the undead assault. 

Awaiting an official election, the town’s constabulary officer has been appointed interim mayor. Albert Adlercreutz is quite the opposite of the old mayor, being righteous and just, always willing to help those in need. Thus he has offered his assistance to the surving heroes.

During the battle for Stillburg, brother Wendel sensed necromantic energies surging through the forests from the northwest. Its exact origins could not be determined, but the good cleric and Duncan will set out on a scouting mission to see if they can ascertain the source of the undead threat. Being hell-bent on vengeance, Aldor is joining them – as well as a few marshal men spared from town defence. Adlercreutz can’t join himself, as he needs to oversee the building of further fortifications in town.

As the heroes set out they are intercepted by “Crazy” Macy Sonnenshield, local kook and volatile crackpot. She claims to have seen undead scout patrols to the north and offers to guide the party to the location. Reluctantly, Duncan accepts the offer.

Following the trail of the undead, on their second day of travelling the heroes come across Badwater, a small abandoned settlement. It used to be a prosperous little town, before the orc raiding parties put an end to that. Nowadays, it serves as a hideout for all kinds of unsavory types.

When the heroes reach the top of a small hill looking down on the desolate village, Macy spots a lone man running frantically along the road to Badwater. Just when he disappears into the shadows among the houses, a small band of pursuers emerge from the forest across town. With weapons drawn they make a halt and their leader steps forward, angrily shouting alien-sounding gibberish.

Duncan excitedly whispers to his friends – “By Gadd, those are words of the possessed! Clearly they are servants of Chaos, seeking to corrupt yet another poor soul. We must go forth to cleanse the tainted and…”

“It’s arseing Nipponese, you ignorant bigot twat! Man the zog up and let’s go!” Macy interrupts.

While making their way down the slopes, Macy explains (with a smattering of profanity) how the fleeing man apparently has something in his possession that the pursuers want. The Nipponese aim to retrieve it by force and bring it back to their employer abroad, accompanied by the poor man’s delicates.

Setup and special rules
Town-square with a forest stand in the middle. Deployment on opposing sides; Samurai in front of the northern town entry point, Heroes on the southern hill.

6 counters are placed: 2x Ninja, 1x Fatgit Rumblegut, 2x Nothing, 1x Fugitive. They must be 2 Long from any character, and at least 1 Long apart from each other.

When a model is in base contact with a counter, reveal it and place the spawn (if any) within a Long, but NOT within a Short. Ninjas may spawn in base-to-base contact with an enemy within their spawn range, carrying out an immediate ambush attack versus that model.

When the Fugitive is spawned, all other counters are flipped and spawned accordingly.

Find and keep the fugitive alive. (+2/-2 VP)
Slay the villains. (+1 VP for each 100 points)

From left to right: Militia man, Duncan Sandels, Macy Sonnenshield, obscured militia man, Brother Wendel, Aldor Berlepsch and a third militia man.

Warband status at the start of scenario: 269 pts, 2 VP
Duncan Sandels, human paladin (46 pts): Q3+, C4. Steadfast. 1 XP
“Crazy” Macy Sonnenshield (54 pts): Q3+, C4. Berserk, Capricious, Fearless.
Brother Wendel, human cleric (50 pts): Q3+, C2. Cleric. 1 XP
Aldor Berlepsch, human ranger (56 pts): Q3+, C3. Forester, Shooter: Long, Hatred: Undead. 1 XP
3 x Stillburg militia man (23 pts): Q4+, C3.

From left to right: Samurai leader, the two samurai and the half-orc guide Snivelsnout. Fatgit and the ninjas are all in hiding and not yet set up.

The opponents forces: 322 pts

Samurai Leader (96 pts): Q3+, C4. Combat Master, Fearless, Leader.
2 x Samurai (46 pts): Q3+, C4. Fearless.
Snivelsnout, half-orc guide (12 pts): Q4+, C2. Coward.
2 x Ninja (42 pts): Q3+, C3. Danger Sense, Stealth.
Fatgit Rumblegut, minotaur (38 pts): Q3+, C3, Big, Greedy, Savage.

The setup before any moves have been made.

After setting up we rolled a 2 for Macy’s Capricious skill, which changed her stats to Q2+, C3. Capricious is a house rule skill which means you roll a D6 prior to each game. 1-2: Q-1, C-1, 3-4: No effect and 5-6: Q+1, C+1. More on it here.

The heroes won initiative and moved forward to a low wall in pretty close formation, with two militia men guarding the rear (read: failing to roll more than one activation each). Macy scouted ahead, flipping the first objective marker of the game. As she crouched down to investigate some tracks, a warrior clad in black leapt silently from the shadows and attacked the forward-most militia man. The sneak attack made the militia man fall to the ground, albeit unharmed.


The Nipponese broke up and moved quickly towards two different objective markers. The samurai leader did not manage to keep up, but stayed within command range.


The next turn, the fallen militia man was joined by an ally and together they managed to put the ninja out of action, while the rest of the gang scrambled over the wall to join Macy.

In the center woods stand, one of the samurai flipped an objective marker which spawned Fatgit Rumblegut. For this game, we played him as a wandering monster and diced for control of him each turn. This first turn of his, he came under control of the Stillburg heroes. His first action (spawned models activate immediately, outside of normal turn order) was to charge a samurai close to another objective marker. The samurai was downed, but uninjured.


Finally, the half-orc guide moved to the south-eastern objective marker and flipped it. Another ninja appeared. I decided to place it near the heroes, hoping to draw their attention to him while my samurai dashed for the remaining three objective markers in the western parts of the board.


At the start of the heroes third turn, we once again diced for control of Fatgit. This time, the Nipponese won control of him and he charged towards the cluster of heroes in the north eastern part of town. Not being able to make contact, but still presenting a threat, he served his purpose as bait.


Unfortunately, the heroes were more skilled than expected. Aldor managed to score a hit which made the great beast fall to the ground. Macy quickly moved in for a finishing blow and Fatgit was out of the game. During the same turn, Duncan and Brother Wendel together made short work of the ninja.

The samurai leader finally managed to jump over the wall and bolster the quality of his troops. The two samurai made mad dashes for the north western and south western objective markers, respectively. None of them yielded any result, so the final marker was turned over and the fugitive Nipponese was placed on the board, at the edge of the western most woods. The cowardly half orc guide slowly made his way towards the center woods, most likely to hide.


The following rounds were quite uneventful mop-up rounds for the heroes. They methodically wiped out the whole warband (except the leader, who fled off the table) over the course of two or three turns. These were the final positions.


The fugitive turns out to be a Nipponese warrior monk named Isamu Takeshi (Q3+, C4, Combat Master, Dashing, Unruly) and through Macy’s (rather slim) interpreter skills he pledges his service until his life debt has been repaid. In his posession he has a magic armband granting the wearer immunity to ranged attacks by models cheaper than the wearer.


Rescuing Billy Crabcock: +2 VP
Killing more than 200 pts of enemies: +2 VP

Warband status at the end of the scenario: 335 pts, 6 VP
Duncan Sandels, human paladin (46 pts): Q3+, C4. Steadfast. 2 XP
“Crazy” Macy Sonnenshield (54 pts): Q3+, C4. Berserk, Capricious, Fearless. 1 XP
Brother Wendel, human cleric (50 pts): Q3+, C2. Cleric. 2 XP
Aldor Berlepsch, human ranger (56 pts): Q3+, C3. Forester, Shooter: Long, Hatred: Undead. 2 XP
Isamu Takeshi, human warrior (60 pts):  Q3+, C4. Combat Master, Dashing, Unruly.
3 x Stillburg militia man (23 pts): Q4+, C3.

Jun 092012

It was a while since the Lead Painters League finished, but I thought I’d do a review of my performance. First things first though, here’s a photo of all the stuff I painted for the LPL.


I entered new teams for six of ten rounds, with one of them (LOTR theme round 5) being a double team entry, so that’s 35 miniatures. Not too bad, last LPL I did 5 (five) new models! It’s a bit off the mark though, I was aiming for 10 teams of 60 miniatures in total.

The first few rounds went really well, but after rising in the leaderboard I was semi-randomly matched with top dogs the remaining rounds and suffered badly from that. After round 7 I didn’t submit any new teams either, which hardly helped.

Highest position achieved was #5 after round 6. I ended up at #22 (of 46 participants) with 6 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses. I’m happy with the results but not so happy with my own output. I mean, painting 35 miniatures in that short a time span is unheard of for me – but I was hoping to get more done as I really had the time. I ran out of steam and motivation though.

I’m not sure I’ll participate next year. If I do, I need to tuck away some teams already or I won’t be able to keep up. I don’t think I will though. While motivating it’s also terribly constricting. What I disliked most was how I had to rush some miniatures that I have been looking forward to paint for a long time. If I enter next year, it’ll probably be with a smaller scale project where the painting time for each miniature is a little lesser. Maybe 15mm post apocalypse from Khurasan… Hm. Or those HOTT armies I’ve got kicking about consisting of Splintered Lights minis.

Jun 072012

This is the team I entered in LPL6 round 7. Sort of rushed like, to meet the deadline – but they still came out OK. How hard can it be to paint skeletons, really? It took a right beating in the arse from Chambers.

Chuck 'em thata way, lads!

The main part of the team is the old Skull Chucker by Aly Morrison. It’s actually one of the first lot of miniatures I received after getting back into the whole vintage lead malarkey and have been stood assembled and undercoated since late april 2010. Feels good to have them painted up and ready for a future Stillburg scenario (the one after the next).

The crew is joined by Renzo Avanti, champion of RRD2 – Mordini’s Nightmare Legion. Sculpted by one Perry or another. That leaves me a musician, a standard bearer and about 10 more troopers to complete my own Nightmare Legion.


Jun 062012

Have been a bit busy with the planning and execution of a stag do recently, as well as starting a new assignment for a new client at work. Not much painting going on (but some, very sporadic). I decided to see what I could do with a regiment of the single pose plastic dwarfs GW did in the 90s, painting them up as quickly and crudely as I can. I’ve tried selling them unpainted for ages and no-one wants to buy them. Guess I’ll just use them (and other plastics) for some 3rd edition Warhammer if I can coax any mates into giving it a whirl. I need another project like I need a hole in the head, but that never stopped me before. It’s just too much fun planning and thinking about these things.

These are my latest acquisitions. Completely forgot about posting them. A bunch of Ral Partha chaos warriors by Bob Olley for my Olley chaos warband. Also, an angel for a cousin of mine who collect angel figurines. I’ll paint it up for her as a belated birthday present.

Snapped off weapons on "mint in blister"... yay! =(

So with these additions – what’s my total tally for 2012? 44 painted – 189 acquired = -145! Crud… Well, I won’t get much more for a long time as I have no budget for gaming gear. After 9 months of parental leave, our buffers are drained and I’ve got some catching up to do. Haven’t bought any toys at all since april (including movies, music, books etc) and I’m more or less ahead on the selling off of lead. I think I’ve sold more than I’ve bought.

Getting these barbarians made the Olley band more or less complete. I’ve got armoured warriors, unarmoured warriors, a bunch of chaos dwarves (from Metal Magic), some chaos centaurs (also Metal Magic), Citadel beast men, an ogre and harpies. It has been fun to collect minis from different manufacturers but by the same sculptor. I’ll do a full feature of it eventually.

Also, I’ve got a “newly” painted team for the LPL that I just realised I haven’t posted on here. I’m hoping to get a snap of it up later today, actually. Just need to mow the lawn and appease she-who-rules with some more house work.