Apr 222012

This week I continued the Bob Olley theme in a deliberate effort to get some more chaos flavoured miniatures to make up a chaos warband of just Olley models. From Citadel, I’ve got his harpies, an ogre and a handfull of beast men. I didn’t think that was enough though, especially since all the beastmen are rank and file chaps. Thus I placed an order with Mega Miniatures and another one with Armorcast (who bought some of the Olley molds from Mega).

Mega Miniatures and Armorcast

While I was at it I also got a few other useful things from Mega (two chaos centaurs by Olley, a cart with driver and horse, a halfling thief, a damsel in distress and two rather random platypus). For the Olley warband, I got four chaos dwarves from Armorcast and four from Mega, and I’ll use the centaurs there too.

I also managed to do a bit of a silly spur of the moment purchase from a favourite seller on eBid. I had just finished setting up a checklist for the skaven and chaos models I’m missing. With a checklist you can avoid buying duplicates, that’s a great thing – but it also is fuel for the collector obsession fire. Not such a great thing.

Skaven and such...

I have also managed to find a pair of wings for the wing-less harpy I got a while back. As I haven’t been painting anything at all for the last two weeks (poor combination with an ongoing LPL tournament!) this sudden increase in acquired miniatures have really messed with my total tally. Total amount for 2012 is 44 painted – 180 acquired = -136

Found a bunch of old photos of my rather ancient Warhammer 40K army and might post some of those later this week, merely to get some painted lead on here and not only purchases on my kitchen counter.

Apr 192012

When checking out ilikepaintinglead I saw a great and awesome thing! Coop over at FightingFantasist have issued a challenge; create your own retro gaming fanzine cover based on your blog. The title of the fanzine should be your blog’s name, and the cover stories must be your five most recent posts. Here’s a version of my blog as an 80s fanzine!

Hot off the press, the inaugural issue!

The cover image is rather anachronistic, as it’s a plastic D&D prepaint Zombie Hulk retrofied a bit in Photoshop. All part of the fun, eh? I think it looks the part. The title font really reminds me of my earliest DTP days, where I borrowed my school’s one and only mac to cobble together rather hokey looking fliers and posters for whatever hijinx and shenanigans I was up to at the time. Ah, the days of Aldus Pagemaker!

Did a few more actually, printed on different coloured paper.

Apr 132012

One of my favourite sculptors is Bob Olley. I really disliked his style when I was younger, in the early 90s. The cartoony and exaggerated anatomy of the Blood Bowl ogres, coupled with the rather stiff manequin posing didn’t appeal to me at all at the time. I still think his sculpts are pretty goofy, especially the Essex ones and those (mostly) horrible Black Orcs he did for Citadel – but there are some absolute gems in there too. For instance, his Iron Claw goblins or the aforementioned Blood Bowl ogres. Also, his newer stuff is brilliant – especially the little Splintered Lands anthropomorphic animals.

Olley, Adams and Copplestone - yum!

Among the gems are also his Citadel beastmen from the late 80s. I’ve got a few, and when I stumbled over a virtual Olley gold mine on eBay I couldn’t help myself and bought even more. The same seller also had the set of harpies for sale, as well as the rather rare and elusive Blood Bowl Troll #3. They’re all mine now!

I’ve also been getting some more Blood Bowl stuff for my Dungeon Bowl project. Four orcs and three humans.

Last week I didn’t post what I had been getting (mostly) – I suppose easter got in the way. Here’s the picture I took though. It’s a parcel from Alternative Armies, containing Jes Goodwin’s old barbarians and some lesser goblins by Kev Adams.

Haha, my parcel is hilariously squashed! Such fun!

The lead was ok though!

Luckily the chaps and/or chapettes over at Alternative Armies know how to pack their parcels so no lead was harmed. These guys were all bought on a whim. Alternative had 20% off, and I had been eyeing the old barbarians by Jes Goodwin for some time. It’s a neat little set, with nicely sculpted minis that when painted as a group will make up a great warband for Song of Blades, Skulldred or Brink of Battle – whatever I will go for in the end. The lesser goblins were a super impulse buy. I sort of regret it, as they’re really small and I’m sure I won’t paint them any time soon. Also, those spears are very fragile. They’ll make nice snotlings for dungeon crawling though. The barbarians will go out on commission if I can find a painter willing to do them for a good price.

These weren’t the only additions though. I also got two pre-slotta pirates from the Citadel rogues line. Forgot to take a photo of them, so I’ll just include them in my every-growing negative lead tally. Total tally for 2012 is now 44 painted – 154 acquired = -110! Yikes.

Apr 112012

This is my entry for round 5 in the LAF painting competition Lead Painters League. The round was Tolkien themed, and together with most other participants I went for a Lord of the Rings inspired entry.

Rather soon, they will have the little ones...

The scene depicts the battle at Amon Hen, where the fellowship is broken up; Boromir dies, Frodo and Sam go cayaking and Merry and Pippin get shanghaied. For the fellowship miniatures, I used the BME1 Fellowship boxed set. I’ve got the complete set (and box) but haven’t painted Gandalf, Frodo, Sam and Bill the pony. Might get around to it eventually. Frodo and Sam are a bit dull though. Maybe for the next LPL? For Uruk Hai, I have used one of the regular ME-44 Uruk Hai, but mostly I used the alternate range sculpted by Jes Goodwin. I really like those sculpts, especially the faces. As we don’t game LOTR, I’ll be using these as “red orcs” for dungeon crawling and random encounters. Got a sizeable collection of them, but I’m still missing a few.

I managed to score another win with this entry, which has garnered me the rather absurd position of #6 in the leaderboards. Sheer luck, as I haven’t had to face any of the big names yet. The current round is going my way too, even though I had to enter a replacement team. I’ve got a new team ready for round 7, and I’m more or less halfway there with my round 10 entry. I have been cleaning and prepping my teams for round 8 and 9 but they are yet to be primed.

Apr 042012

Here’s my entry from round 4 in the LPL at LAF. The team itself is the group of five zombies in the center. The rest are just dressing.

Stillburg overrun!

Took some tinkering before I got a picture I was satisfied with but I think it paid off in the long run. Most of our old mates from Stillburg are in it, and all the zombies I’ve painted to date (23 counting the big fellow). Unfortunately, I was facing one of my oldschool Citadel buddies Pil and he was also doing some undead. I wasn’t sure where this would go, as I thought his photo was really good. I did manage to score a rather solid win though. Too bad it was at a mate’s expense.

"You wouldn't like me when I'm zombie..."

Here’s the photo I used for the inset close ups on my entry. Thought it was rather nice, but my wife insisted I should go with the other – and I suppose she was right. Anyways, from left to right we have the following: A plastic zombie from my old Hero Quest set, a C18 zombie by Kev Adams that I’ve “repaired” (his ankles were almost snapped off) with an excessive amount of greenstuff (he’s now wearing flared trousers), a repainted plastic Zombie Hulk from Wizards of the Coast’s D&D Miniatures range (Savage Encounters set), another C18 zombie with a head swap (second time I got this mini for free from Paul/cheetor/Sho3box) and finally another of the plastic Hero Quest zombies (only two in the box, so I can check that off).

I’m pleased with how they turned out, even if it was a bit of a rush to get them done in time for the deadline. It’s actually the worst aspect of the LPL; you might have to rush through miniatures you’ve been longing to paint for a long time. On the other hand, you get things bloody done! I’ve painted about 40 miniatures so far this year. It’s currently week 14, so I’m quite ahead of schedule to reach my goal of one miniature per week. Yay me, huzzah and so forth.