Jan 262012

That’s right folks, weekly tally is coming early this week.

Top left are an old militia man and the Travelling Players strongman. Next to him, a skaven catcher who I actually didn’t need so he’s up for sale. I got seven snotling players, for the Warhawks and the Grey Shadows (mirror teams with orcs and humans + ogres and snotlings). Speaking of ogres, there’s a Bob Olley ogre which I allready own one of. He’s needed for the Warhawks too. The halflings are joining the Doom Forgers (and they will probably be the first team I paint up). Bottom row is the big ol’ minotaur star player, as well as an elf and a dark elf star player. The minotaur goes in my 3rd edition chaos team while the elf starplayers goes in the lead pile. 17 new models this week.

This week’s tally is 11 painted – 72 acquired: -61

Jan 262012

It’s that time of year again, friends. The Lead Painters League over at LAF has been announced and from here on until the 10th of March I’ll be keeping anything newly painted under wraps. After that we’ll be back with weekly updates.

As I’ve been pretty good with my updates recently, I would feel bad about just going silent for two months. I’ve created a new category to remedy this; Inspiration. After revamping the links list to the right a bit, I now keep only blogs there. Static galleries, conventional webpages, forum threads and other stuff will be posted individuallly in the Inspiration category.

To kick things off, I have a mammoth thread from Warseer. Harry’s “This week I have mostly been painting…” is indeed a source of inspiration and motivation. It is without a doubt the main reason why I’ve painted 11 miniatures so far this year. Every time I read a few pages of that thread I get the urge to paint, and I usually act upon it.

While on the topic of Warseer, we have vintagephreak’s quite awesome “Classic, all-metal Dwarf army” containing not only a LOT of little dwarfs, but many unreleased or very rare ones. All painted up very nicely!

Finally, another great retro lead thread on Warseer. Orlygg’s 80s Retro Realm of Chaos.

Coming up next, this week’s acquisitions. Possibly I’ll change the blog engine too while I’m at it, switching to WordPress. More on that at a later time.

Jan 202012

“Jefe. What is… a plethora?”

I’ll tell you, El Guapo – it’s the amount of miniatures I received this week. Better get my brushes wet if I’m ever going to end up on a positive painting count for the year!

These I got on monday. They’re from several lots. There are six LOTR Uruks which a friend was clearing out. I also got three painted barbarians from him. As freebies he included two ‘clix wolves, a D&D plastic flame snake and taer and a Red Box OOP dwarf. I’m not counting those towards the total. Also, there are mummies and wights for Stillburg, a ghoul for my Dungeon Bowl project (Black Widows, really looking forward to push some putty on that team) and an original Plague Bearer that I got just because they are few and far between and I try to get demons for all the Chaos gods. Furthermore, four orcs to my collection and a BC2 hobgoblin (I try to pick up minis from box sets I allready have a few from). So, that’s 19 minis added to the mountain (not counting the painted ones I’m only going to re-base).

Next day, I got some cheap brushes and a 1st edition Blood Bowl zombie and a 2nd edition human catcher. For the Dungeon Bowl project. The brushes are mainly for a painting workshop I’m holding with a friend’s kids. That’s 21 in total now.

Then I got these lovelies yesterday. Two Willhelm Chaney star players (to be used as norse werewolves in the Doom Forgers team), two more ghouls and three skeletons for the Black Widows and two orc blitzers (one sans foot, but with a plastic human foot). 9 more added, which brings us to a total of 30 minis.

Finally, I got this 2nd edition skaven team. Sculpted by Jes Goodwin (who else?) and just about the coolest Blood Bowl minis ever done. In particular, I love the blitzers and the throwers. Another 15, eh? So, in total 45 miniatures this week. That’s a lot, and not an ongoing trend!

So, with this week’s addition of four more zombies painted the tally is: Painted 9 – Unpainted 55 = -46

Now, if we take into consideration that I’ve sold off more than 70 miniatures the last two weeks, and have about 80 still to sell I could probably say I’ve nullified the growth of the lead mountain. Still, I won’t count those outgoing minis. Just stating for the record (and if my wife reads this) that I do infact have a lesser amount of miniatures today than I did two weeks ago. There.

Coming up next, not much. I have a few posts for the “Inspiration” category to do during the weekend. And ofcourse, I’ll be painting a bit and hopefully have something new to show next week. So far I’m well ahead of my painting schedule with 9 minis finished in week 3 of the year. Yay me…

Jan 192012

Here are the finished zombies from the WIP-posts I did earlier. Not quite happy with how the picture turned out, I kept fiddling around with the settings on the camera.

From left to right, we have three C18 zombies (sculpted by Kev Adams) and then an Iron Claw skeleton guard (Bob Olley’s range which was later incorporated in Citadel’s regular catalogue). I really like the rat nibbling away on his leg, but apart from that I think the model is quite atrocious.

The model third from the left is a bit mangled, and also missing the blade from his weapon. Whenever I get my hands on a small hand drill, I’ll fix him a new one. The left most model is actually a duplicate of one I allready painted. His arm is a bit bent, which works to his advantage making him a bit different from his brother. The armoured zombie with the shield, will serve as a “leader” type of zombie lieutenant.

Of all the zombies I’ve painted so far, these are probably the roughest looking lot. I think I rushed through it a bit, being slightly stressed out by timing how long painting them would take. It doesn’t matter much, they look fine in a group. Here’s a shot of all the lads I’ve done so far. 14 of them, and counting.

Yup, them pesky heroes have another thing coming – that’s for sure! Once these guys get to Stillburg, they’ll be joined by another seven zombies and a necromancer.

Coming up next, this weeks acquisitions. Quite a bunch, actually. Quiiite a bunch. A revised painting progress tally tomorrow! In the painting queue are aforementioned necromancer and the seven zombies. I’ll start with the necromancer as I’ve been good and finished 9 zombies so far this year. Yay me!

Jan 172012

Last time we saw these guys, I had spent about 2 hours on them, doing base coats. As promised, the next step was indeed to finish up the base coats with wood, metals and a few other things (boots, pants etc). About 30 minutes was spent on this, so that’s 2.30 so far!

Next, the magic step. The Devlan Mud step! With a big brush, I just soak the whole figure in Devlan Mud. Being foul undead, I’m not too bothered by this – but I wouldn’t have done this on a fancy elf. In addition to Devlan Mud, I do additional washes with Brown Wash (the old bottles with a blue cap) and Badab Black as well as Black Wash. About another 30 minutes for this step and 3 hours in total.

Once the models have been shaded with wash, I start cleaning up and finishing off individual parts of each individual model. It’s quite different from the previous steps so I can’t really give any descriptions but here’s a sequence of pictures. The general aproach is to clean up each area with the base colour and then highlight it with a layer or two of lighter shades of the base colour. I washed the skin parts another time with purple wash too.

Finally, the models are finished. I spent about 5 hours all in all on them so far. Still have bases to do and a shield for the armoured fellow.

Not exactly happy with them, but they’ll do the job. That’s standard fare for me and my finished minis. I need to base them and let them rest for a while before I start to like them. The Bob Olley skeleton/zombie however will probably remain my least favourite model ever for a long time. There were even traces of fingerprints on the back of the model!

I’ll post proper photos once the guys are based up and all done. After that, I’ll paint MORE zombies! I’ll have some variation though, as the ones I’m painting next are a newer edition sculpted by Gary Morley. Probably my least favourite sculptor of all time. I was about to call him the Herb Trimpe of Games Workshop, but had a change of heart as Trimpe is more like Olley. Oddly proportioned and a weird style, but their work have an oldschool charm.