Jul 312011

Didn’t know whether to label these things as miniatures or terrain, but ended up with miniatures. They are after all chunks of lead on bases.

When playing scenario 2 in the Stillburg Campaign (yeah I know, I still need to write a battle report on that), we had need of six objective markers. For that purpose we employed some blank, large metal washers. They didn’t look too hot, so I went and made these to replace them.

They’re small treasure piles from Mega Miniatures’ Dungeon Decor range. While looking quite nice, they are also rather useful in that they each contain a randomly placed, numbered marker. At first, I was going to paint them nicely, but decided not to as they will probably get worn quickly. Simple numbers will do fine.

When setting up a game, the six markers are turned face down and mixed. Without looking at the numbered side, I place an objective marker on top of it. Through the black magics of magnetism combined with a perfectly sized slot in the bottom of the objective marker, the number marker adheres to the underside and each objective marker is thusly assigned a secret number.

The markers are then placed on the table as per the instructions of the scenario. When a model reaches the marker, it is flipped and the number revealed.

It was a 5. Amazing!

Here’s a short pictorial description on how I made them. First, the components. One treasure chest or other decoration, one large metal washer with a center hole large enough to accomodate two smaller ones. They’re arrayed on a magnetic sheet.

I glued the two small washers together, as one would be a bit too thin to feel right. A piece of magnetic sheet was cut to fit over the hole in the large washer, and glued in place with super glue. Ferrous side down, mind!

As can be seen, by sheer luck everything fit perfectly and snugly. The two small washers are exactly the same thickness as the one large. Awesome!

I glued the marker decoration in place and continued with the remaining five.

Proper useful stuff, these! In the scenario we played, we had six markers and a table where 1 – 3 were hostile encounters, 4 and 5 were nothing and 6 was the actual objective. When a marker was flipped, we rolled a dice to see what the result was. Worked fine until we started rerolling previously rolled results. With these markers, there will less faffing about.

Jul 292011

Thought I’d just do a quick post with some pictures of the Amera terrain I’ve finished up so far. I’m really happy with the purchases, but haven’t had the opportunity to use any of it in a game so far. It’s been a very long time since I did any gaming at all, not counting the odd session of Small World with the Mrs, or when we played 7 Wonders (yay!) and Drakon (meh…) last friday when we were over for dinner with some friends. Hopefully this will change as I’m off on vacation starting monday, and won’t return to work until december at the earliest as I’ll also enjoy a few months of parental leave with our boy.

Here’s a Small Hill, a Ruined Wall and one part of the three part Scenery Set, all available in Amera’s Fantasy Realms section. Will have to revisit the edges of the small hill with some more flock. Also, for the next two wall sections I’ll remove the raised “base” and place them on a strip of masonite to lower the profile a bit. Here are a few close-ups.

I still can’t get over the fact that those walls are a mere £0.65. Great stuff, functional and paints up quickly!

For my next post I’ve got a collection of objective markers I’m very pleased with, together with a short how-to on the creation of them. In addition to that, the 15mm dwarves creeps ever closer to completion. Still not finished with basecoating the last three though. This weekend, I hope.

Jul 242011

I had some time this weekend to paint, and decided to have a go at some of the Splintered Lands dwarves I posted recently. Here’s a quick shot of four of them mounted to their base. I’ve got 9 finished, 3 more to go. Once finished, I’ve got three stands of shooters ready for HOTT. Fun minis to paint, and I’m making an effort to paint them as quickly I can. They are after all tiny rank and file guys with one single purpose – to be put on a game table. I was pretty happy with how they turned out until I saw this close up photo of them.

More to come in a few days, fully based and photographed under proper lighting. After that I’ll do the blades, as they’re quite similar to these in equipment.

Jul 092011

I bought a boxload of Splintered Light miniatures some two years ago. Nothing much have come of that, so I started going through them with the intent to sell some of it off. Originally the plan was to play Hordes of the Things with them but I’ve been side tracked with Song of Blades and Heroes and Citadel miniatures collecting.

I’ve had an itch for large scale fantasy battles (ie masses of troops, not 40mm scale) and I think 28mm is too large for that. Thus, I’ve decided to keep the Goblins and Dwarfs from my Splintered Lands stash. The antropomorphic animals are divided into two piles; for sale and “for 28mm skirmishing”. Got a small side project planned for the furry little critters, involving some Bob Olley sculpts from his Iron Claw days.

This morning, while entertaining my son, I sat dividing the models I’ve got into elements for Hordes of the Things. Since these are chunky 18mm minis, I decided to go with the 28mm element size recommendations to fit as many in. These are only mockups, but I’ll sort out proper bases and start painting soon. I think the two armies turned out quite allright, though I know nothing about how HOTT plays or how the meta game works.

First up, there’s the dwarf army.

It consists of the following elements:
3x Bondi (Blades, 6AP)
2x Huscarls (Warbands, 4AP)
3x Crossbow (Shooters, 6AP)
1x Mounted chief and guards (Hero general, 4AP)
1x Magician and guards (Magician, 4AP)
In total 24 AP of efficient military dwarf clan goodness. I’d like to add an Artillery to the gang, but apart from that I’m keeping this lot as it is.

The goblins on the other hand…
Here we have a mishmash of creatures, all fighting under the banner of the Bat Clan Goblins.
2x Kobold slaves (Hordes, 2AP)
2x Goblin hordes (Hordes, 2AP)
2x Nightrunners (Riders, 4AP)
2x Goblin archers (Shooters, 4AP)
2x Bat Clan stalkers (Sneakers, 6AP)
2x Werebats (Flyers, 4AP)
1x Clan chief and guard (Hero, 4AP)
1x Shaman and guard (Magician, 4AP)
1x Ogre mercenaries (Behemoth, 4AP)
Here I have some more options on switching the troops around a bit, with several options for generals.

Looking forward to read through the HOTT rules and get a trial game in before I decide on what to do with these lots. =)