Nov 302010

Finally, some properly painted lead here. It’s a great mini from the C10 Half-Orcs range, sculpted by Aly Morrison. I picked it up from bridgend_steve a good while ago and painted it up for the interlude between scenario 1 and 2 of the Stillburg campaign. He’s a bit mangled up with a heavy mold line across the right hand side of his face, obscuring the detail.

The motif of the shield is that of a white raven, nicked from the Fable 3 game where a band of mercenaries use a similar symbol. As I collect and paint up the remaining C10 Half-Orcs, I’ll re-use the shield design and they’ll form a nice coherent unit or warband. Got three more primed and waiting for paint.

In the Stillburg campaign, he only makes a quick cameo in a scenario interlude where he acts as a guide for a gang of samurai from Nippon.

They’re unexpectedly backed up by a local bad-tempered minotaur; Fatgit Rumblegut (finally I got to use him in a game).

More on that odd constellation in my report on that game. As all minis now are fully painted I’ll do a few shots to illustrate it. Might be a while…

I’ve also managed to add a finishing touch to two more quick jobs of non-Citadel lead. To the left is a Metal Magic paladin, still avaliable from Mega Miniatures as Guard with Halberd. I really like the mini, and I’m happy with how the quick and dirty paint job turned out. The guy to the right is unknown to me, no idea where he’s from. Got him in a lot when buying the Metal Magic paladins.

That’s it for now. Next time I’ll have a short battle report for you. Honest!

Nov 172010

Not much real ultimate power here, eh? Been quiet on the painting front for a while. I’ve done up a few non-Citadel minis quickly for an interlude in the Stillburg campaign. Two of them are the aforementioned Ral Partha ninja, as pictured below.

Not very happy at all with them, I need to take a few ninja painting classes. After a few failed attempts at painting these guys, I just resorted to dry brushing and picking out a few details. I hate painting black! Meh – I got these from a nice chap at LAF (also named Mattias) and now I feel I’m letting him down by doing such a shitty paint job on them. Oh well, it beats having them unpainted in a drawer. At least they’ve seen action in two games now!

Hope to update soon again, actually have two more militia fellas finished (also not Citadel, one Metal Magic and one unknown make) but the photos were craptastic so will have to wait for another time.

Coming up next (apart from the two guardsmen mentioned) is a C10 Half-orc, properly painted and all! Also have a battle report from the Stillburg interlude scenario to write up, and take photos of. Reason I have to take new shots instead of using those from the actual game is that we enjoyed a few beers and some bourbon while playing.