May 242010

So, a new mile stone hit in the Stillburg project! Two of three zombies are finished, and I’ve painted a new type of mini for the first time.

I’m pretty content with how these turned out. I’ve been trying to give them the “resurrected corpse” look rather than the “infected” type zombie look. Hence the lack of gore splashes. For that, I recommend Paul’s blog Sho3box.

Here’s a shot of the front and backs:

My biggest gripe is that the skin colour is too close to the shirt of the unarmed zombie to the right. It doesn’t look exactly similar in real life, but very close. In photos, there’s no difference. I have one more zombie to paint for Stillburg as it is right now and I’ll try a different approach to the skin. On these I painted the white base coat with Rotting Flesh, which was then washed with a purpler wash and then a thinned out black wash. Highlights on that were plain Rotting Flesh in thin layers, with a touch of bleached bone at the end. On my next zombie, I’ll do a regular human flesh base coat but highlighting it with thinned Rotting Flesh.

Here’s a final close-up of the two chaps. They want huggies!

So, let’s do a tally of where I’m at with painting the first scenario for Stillburg. Of the undead, I have 9 of 14 painted! One zombie and four more skeletons to go. Not too bad! The adventurers are worse off though. Only 1 of 8 are painted! In total, I’ve got 12 minis to go – with only a month left before the planned game. That’s about 3 minis a week… Do I live up to that rate? In the last 6 weeks, I’ve painted 15 minis. I have 5 weeks to go. If I keep that tempo up, I’ll have 12,5 minis painted by vacation time. There are less weddings, birthdays and funerals coming up – but on the other hand, our garden recently exploded into a mess of weedy hell and it’s my job to take care of that.

May 232010

Since I built the first two stands of trees a while back, I’ve been annoyed with the trees being fixed to the base. It made it difficult to place and move miniatures in the woods. I got the idea that I could mount each tree individually on washers and then glue a magnetic strip to the base. This would hold the tree in place and the base could be moved and stored without the trees falling off. It also keeps the trees from toppling over. At the same time, the trees can be removed temporarily when need be. I’ve mounted all my trees on washers now, and built a proof of concept. Images and comments below.

While not perfect, I’m very satisfied with the solution. I need to tidy up the “slots” a bit and maybe try harder to make the trees fit snuggly in all slots but all in all it’s good. Not only good, but good enough!

Coming soon: Zombies, in more than one way. I need to finish my summary of our latest game and I also need to take and post pics of my recently finished fantasy zombies for the Stillburg project!

May 152010

I recently found an uhm… “digital copy” of Warhammer Townscapes from 1988. This is one of those awesome products GW put out in the 80s, stuff you could actually get a lot of mileage out of. It’s a hard cover “book”, containing sheets with which you build cardboard buildings.

I’ve printed a few pages and assembled two buildings so far. In want of cardboard, I have instead used foam core sheets. The houses are a lot more stable, but building one includes a lot more work and I think the end result would be tidier if I had the original product. Nevertheless, these houses will serve just fine on our table top and should work wonders when playing in the town of Stillburg. Here are the two buildings done so far. Click for large versions in a new window!

Here are some smaller shots showing the back of the two buildings.

They were used in game yesterday for the first time, when my cousin and I played a highly entertaining game of Song of Blades. I’ll post a session report later today, hopefully. As a teaser, I can say it involved a handfull of very scared villagers and a horde of 38 zombies!

May 132010

So, it’s been a while since I posted anything here… that’s mainly because me and Marie eloped and got married last weekend! =) We didn’t want anything big, so went with the smallest possible. We got married in city hall, in the company of my cousin and his fiancé. We had an awesome day, where we went to Lousiana in Denmark (museum of modern arts) and then headed back to Malmö for dinner at a very nice restaurant and spent the night in the suite of Mayfair Hotel. Here’s a pic of the four of us right after the 5 minute (and that was the long version) wedding.

Apart from getting married, I have been able to finish four skeleton archers. Only need three for the first scenario in the Stillburg campaign, but I figured I’d paint all four of them in one go. Good idea, as they were complete bastards to paint for some reason. I tried to do it “properly” on the first test mini, but when things didn’t work out I just surrendered and drybrushed almost everything. I’m very happy to see them finished, but I think the end result looks a little sloppier than usual. They look just fine in a group though!

Making good progress but still a long way to go until the minis for the first scenario are all painted up! 8 painted, 14 to go. How people can finish a complete army is way beyond me! To lighten the mood, here’s one last shot.

Cue the Benny Hill music:

May 022010

Just a short post to show off the two latest additions to the undead horde of Stillburg.

I love this guy. What the hell is that beret like helmet he’s wearing? I guess we’ll never know. Cool miniature though, defenitely one of my favourites.

I wasn’t equally chuffed about this mini, but had to use it to be able to fill out my ranks. Once painted up, however – he’s now one of my favourites. I really like how the green turned out on him. By the look of the helmet, I figured he used to be a noble elf warrior. Thus, his shield and (very ragged) uniform got a bit of a pointy eared colour scheme. Also very pleased with how the shield turned out.

So, I now have four melee skeletons finished up. Four more to go, and three archers (will actually paint four though) plus three zombies. I might be able to finish this before it’s vacation (and gaming) time! Also, I’ve received all the heroes for the scenario so I’m all set and just need to paint… and build some more terrain! Gah!

Here’s a final pic of the whole gang. Notice how one of the guys from the last post now also have a shield.