May 212014

Here’s a not-so-short brief of how I’m imagining the galaxy in the world I’m setting my games and scenarios. Heavily based on that of early Warhammer 40K, I’ve added and removed as I saw fit. It probably does not make sense from any perspective at all – but I’m just pulling a skeleton back-story together so any and all players have a common idea of the background for the scenarios.

The Empire of Earth
After millennia of total war, the galaxy is more or less at peace in the 41th millennium. Mankind lives in relative stability with xeno races, often sharing systems and sometimes even planets, with the squat, eldar and ork races. The behemoth theocracy of the Imperium have crumbled, and the imperial army have been decimated as the major warp gates imploded during the last great wars with the forces of chaos. Humanity is united under the banner of the Empire of Earth, but the god-emperor is no more. The main challenge for the imperial administration is to keep the large and powerful corporations in check and to maintain diplomatic relations with the xenomorph races (xenos).

Core system Empire city

More Empire city.

Only the core systems are under direct administration of the Empire. The rest of the galaxy is sublet to vassal corporations, much like feudal Europe. The armed forces of the Empire consists of the Imperial Guard, the Imperial Navy, Adeptus Mechanicus and the Inquisitorial Diplomats. The old Emperor is still worshipped as a prophet and avatar of God, but the imperial church have undergone a cathartic reform. It is a monotheistic state church of the Empire, but the Empire as a state is now a secularized republic. The name “Empire” is more symbolic than anything, indicating the far reaches of the Empire rather than a political system.

You know the drill by now. Empire. City. Thing…

Yup. More core system city scapes.


The Imperial Guard is usually deployed to systems where a large presence is needed over a longer time. A bit like the UN armed forces of today, they’re mainly used for peace keeping. It consists of mechanised infantry with heavy weapon support, but also various elite or specialist squads and regiments. These regiments often contain xenomorph races, such as beastmen, ratlings or squats. Less common are regiments of eldar or orks, but they do exist.

Imperial guardsmen manning an outpost on Aridid Minor, a core system planet plagued by Genestealer cults.

The Imperial Navy consists of two branches; the space fleet and the imperial marine forces. The majority of large scale armed conflicts and wars are resolved with the help of the imperial fleet either in space combat or by means of weapons of mass destruction. Military doctrine have changed, so no longer are massive wars fought planet-side with thousands of troopers charging at each other. Instead, either a system is purged from orbit or tactical nukes and small strike teams of space marines are used. With such a reality, all-out wars are not started lightly and this balance of terror is one of the contributing factors to the current stability in the galaxy.

Smaller ships like these are often used for in-system travel.


The Adeptus Mechanicus are based on Mars, from where they scour the galaxy for long lost relics and old technology. Their focus lies on improvement of current technology and new inventions. They have changed into a fully atheist organization and the old ways of worshipping the machine god are gone. They rely heavily on using automatons such as servo skulls and servitors as well as personal cybernetic augmentations. Remnants of the old ways remain in the form of deviant cults, still worshipping the god in the machine. This sometimes lead to internal, ocassionally even armed, conflict.

Brother of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Renegade cultists.

Adeptus Mechanicus with marine bodyguards.

Gun servitor, shambling and/or shuffling.


The Inquisition, in the now secular republic, have pretty much lost it’s power. Their main purpose is to aid the Ad Mech in exploratory missions, or to participate in diplomatic missions involving iso-worlds (renegade worlds refusing the Empire, living in the old ways of the Emperor) or xenos.

Inquisitorial transport preparing to drop off a “diplomatic party”.

Inquisitor Sokil Su caught off-guard by an Eldar negotiator.


A perilous galaxy
Of course, the galaxy is still a dangerous place. Tyranid hive fleets roam the universe, pirates and privateers harass trade routes, the taint of chaos pours from lesser gates and temporary dimensional rifts. Genestealer cults occassionally surfaces on remote outposts and colonies, and every so often new intelligent life-forms are encountered. Mutant raiders and zealous followers of the Imperium of Old are other factions constantly causing the “new” Empire troubles, especially on the aforementioned colonies.

Eldar pirates in combat.

An imperial outpost over-run by Tyranid.


These colonies are usually rather small frontier towns or settlements. Sometimes a colony will grow into a huge metropolis, but that’s rare. Usually a colonized system will consist of a handfull settlements with a few thousand Imperial citizens in each. Indigenous species are mostly left alone, as the Empire or corps normally only colonizes a system to exploit natural resources.

A mercenary on a iso-world colony

Shuttle dusting off from a colony on a fringe system.

Remote mining colony

On many colonized systems the base technology level is fairly low, with higher tech mixed in.


Corporations in the Empire
Huge vassal corporations (simply called corps or vassals) rule over planets or systems with absolute control. The Empire has little to no control over the vassal systems. Imperial policies and regulations are usually followed, but ignored when convenient. The Empire rarely enforces law forcefully, but it happens. Most of the time, corps get away with a (big) fine and a slap on the wrist, as the Empire can’t afford the enmity of trade federations and corporate cartels. Corporations work together to maintain trade stability, but the alliances are fragile. Lesser wars fought between rival corps are commonplace. Each corporation have their own standing armies or employ mercenary forces.

Sigma Corp troops regrouping


Funnily enough, long after I had drafted this post, I discovered that Space Cow Smith had written a much more thorough and comprehensive series of articles on pretty much the same subject as this. They align pretty well with my over-all vision (wow, delusions of grandeur much?) and idea so here’s a linkydink:


Jan 262012

It’s that time of year again, friends. The Lead Painters League over at LAF has been announced and from here on until the 10th of March I’ll be keeping anything newly painted under wraps. After that we’ll be back with weekly updates.

As I’ve been pretty good with my updates recently, I would feel bad about just going silent for two months. I’ve created a new category to remedy this; Inspiration. After revamping the links list to the right a bit, I now keep only blogs there. Static galleries, conventional webpages, forum threads and other stuff will be posted individuallly in the Inspiration category.

To kick things off, I have a mammoth thread from Warseer. Harry’s “This week I have mostly been painting…” is indeed a source of inspiration and motivation. It is without a doubt the main reason why I’ve painted 11 miniatures so far this year. Every time I read a few pages of that thread I get the urge to paint, and I usually act upon it.

While on the topic of Warseer, we have vintagephreak’s quite awesome “Classic, all-metal Dwarf army” containing not only a LOT of little dwarfs, but many unreleased or very rare ones. All painted up very nicely!

Finally, another great retro lead thread on Warseer. Orlygg’s 80s Retro Realm of Chaos.

Coming up next, this week’s acquisitions. Possibly I’ll change the blog engine too while I’m at it, switching to WordPress. More on that at a later time.

Oct 282011

I haven’t been painting as much as I had anticipated (surprise!). Apparently, parental leave does not equal vacation and hours upon hours of recreational fun in my basement. I can’t complain, I’m having the time of my life with my boy! I’m just not painting old lead.

No reason for not posting stuff though. First off, here’s a couple of old Citadel Fighting Fantasy plastics.

These are the first plastic models ever produced by Citadel. My cousin and I bought them in the early eighties in a toy shop in Ystad, Sweden. I, being a daft git already in my early years, didn’t get any of the cool models; chaos warrior, a barbarian and “the other” orc. My cousin however, he got these two guys – with new paintjobs they’ll be able to play the parts of a giant troll (the orc) and a rather large giant (actually an ogre). I have another head for the ogre/giant as well as two weapons (an axe and a club). They’re posed next to a Citadel skeleton (the musician from Mordini’s Nightmare Legion) for scale. Rather large fellows.

I have some more stuff to share over the next few days, so stay tuned for more old lead. Now for something totally divergent! I’m adding a few more interesting blogs and sites to my link bar to the right, and thought I’d pimp them a bit in this post too. Bear in mind, the miniatures in the following pictures are NOT painted by me!

First up, there’s Blue’s Marauding Miniatures. Run by Blue in VT, an active member on LAF, Frothers and a few other Warhammer Fantasy related sites. As the title of his blog say, the main focus is on Marauder Miniatures.

Image courtesy of Blue's Marauding Miniatures!

Next, we have Nico’s Realms of Chaos. Nico is a very talented and extremely productive french chap, who hit like a bomb earlier this year when he started posting pics of his awesome vintage Chaos army. Now, he’s started churning out a fantastic Skaven army as well, inspired by the old Andy Chambers army in White Dwarf #134. Top stuff!

Image courtesy of Nico's Realms of Chaos!

Finally, Die Platt. It’s a site where the galleries depict the various armies of a group of friends in Germany, run by powerfrog99 – also a member on LAF. The sheer amount of stuff is amazing, and the paintjobs and collections are great. I especially like how each army is a mix and match of different manufacturers and periods. They also have some really nice terrain pieces! Go forth, oogle and froth!

Image courtesy of Die Platt!

Oh, almost forgot – there’s a proper nice forum dealing with my second miniature-vice; Metal Magic miniatures. Check it out and don’t let the german language scare you off. Most (if not all) Metal Magic releases are catalogued there.

Jun 302011

Bryan Ansell is a name familiar to most old school miniature geeks like me. For those of you not in the know, he once started up both Asgard Miniatures and later Citadel Miniatures. Many say he’s also the one responsible (as managing director for Games Workshop in the mid to late 80s) for killing the soul of GW, turning it into an evil corporate machine rather than the nice jolly bunch of hippie gamers it used to be. Alas, I digress. He’s done some awesome stuff in his time, and in the 80s he sported a handsome mullet.

A man in his position is bound to have some wonderful stuff hidden away, and that indeed he does! All round swell chap bridgend_steve has been cataloguing Ansell’s collection of old Citadel studio miniatures. These are the actual models we could see in old White Dwarf and rule books, thus very mouth watering.

Head on over to the Collecting Citadel Miniatures wiki and take part of the retro extravaganza so far! Big ups and generous amounts of geek cred to Steve for doing this!