Jan 052013

2012 was a rather productive year for me, I have never painted so many miniatures in a year before. It saddens me that I have played very few games (a couple of games of Blood Bowl, a game of Brink of Battle and half a game of Cavern Crawl). Here’s a review, based on my 2012 plan and the half year review.

The whole output for 2012

A miniature a week!
This was the biggest achievement for me this year. Not only did I paint more than one model a week on average; including the commission Paul v2 did for me I’ve had nearly two models finished per week. Not too bad! The total tally for 2012 ended up being 89 painted – 254 acquired = -165. Could have been a bit better if I hadn’t slumped completely during the end of the year. I did finish a few of the Doom Forgers, but not the whole team. Of the 89, 13 were painted by others (or well, other… Paul v2 who did my barbarians).

Aside from the models painted, I assembled 12 cardboard houses (or other structures).

Wolves, barbarians, ogre, Dungeon Bowl team and a few adventurers

Zombies, a few more adventurers and uruk hai.

Zombie hulk, LOTR fellowship, skullchucker and crew, some undead personalities and sixteen plastic dwarfs.


Songs of Stillburg
I made some progress on Stillburg, but since we didn’t play any game in the campaign this year I haven’t really focused on it.

  • Posted battle reports of scenario 2 and scenario 3.
  • Finished all models for scenario 4, including civilians and hero reinforcements.
  • Write up the background fluff and scenario details.
  • Built A LOT of houses for Stillburg town.

An overview of the buildings assembled


Re-basing painted miniatures I’ve purchased
Finished rebasing a few models, it’s hard work breaking them free from their coin bases. I will finish the rest in 2013.

Finished in the front, as posted earlier. Still to do, the ones out of focus.


Dungeon Bowl
I’ve nearly finished the Doom Forgers’ starting roster, but the last few months I’ve been struggling with the dwarfs of the team. I have finished 11 of the 16 models, two of the remaining are almost done and three are merely primed. Expect a post displaying them all in a not too distant future.

Not only Puggy’s glare is bad… sorry about that.


Dungeon Crawl
I played a game of Cavern Crawl, which I really liked. I’ll give the new edition a spin. No progress on the dungeon furniture, but I’m hoping to enlist my wife as an assistant in painting them.

My cousin, enjoying himself thoroughly with Cavern Crawl!

I’ll return in a week or two with a plan for 2013. Hope you all had a fine new years eve and that 2013 is a year full of little lead men.

New years resolution: No posting of received models, I’ve found them to be quite annoying myself when back-tracking through the months.

Dec 212012

It’s taken me a while, but by golly I did it – I’ve posted 100 posts here (that’s counting the posts migrated from the old blog too). To celebrate this, I will share some photos of where I was at a few years ago, when I played my first game of Song of Blades and Heroes. It really marks my return to the hobby of miniature gaming. After that, I started collecting metal miniatures again.

Our first game was played in november 2009. We used prepainted D&D miniatures, some terrain I had just gotten started on (still have not finished neither hill nor house). I had purchased and assembled a single GW gothic wood thingy, it too languishes unpainted. Some WOTC D&D tiles helped give the landscape some colour.

Rather basic…


The game was a blast though, and we tried to get some more in as soon as possible. The next session was in mid december, 2009. Things have shaped up somewhat, the brown paper surface is replaced by a Citadel Battlemat. I’ve started building some rocks and repainted two D&D minis.

Slowly getting there…


A week later we did our next sitting. This time, we did several scenarios in a day and I had also finished some of my rock pieces and started building some more.

That way is much too rocky…


A few months later, late february 2010, I had put my christmas presents to good use and finished a few stands of wood and even more rocks. Things are really shaping up now! We played a series of linked games with a sort-of narrative. The battle reports are actually published here under the Pyramid Campaign tag.

Only finished terrain, for the first time!


In may 2010, I married my wife. More importantly, a week later I played a rather stonking zombie game in which we used my first Citadel Townscape buildings! Yay! There’s a report of that too, right here!

Form an orderly queue now…


In july 2010, an epic mile stone was reached. We played our first game with metal miniatures fully painted by yours truly; the first scenario in our Stillburg Campaign! Here’s the write-up on that.

Lead, lead – glorious lead!


The most recent game was more than a year ago though… we’re hoping to remedy that soon – but I honestly didn’t think it was that long ago. I guess both me and my cousin marrying and having kids in the last two years sort of slowed the momentum a bit. Here’s the third game of Stillburg goodness, played in early december 2011. Battle report more recently posted here.

Inaugural game of the refurbished man-cave!


Granted, we have played a few games every now and then. For instance, we met up in september to have a short go at Cavern Crawl from Funghy Fipps. No post on that, but here’s a photo from the evening.



Looking back, it’s quite amazing what can happen in just a few years. The blog opened up in february 2010, the first post was about me completing the rocks. If anything, this blog and the LAF forums have been the driving force behind my hobby endeavours. It’s painfully obvious that I’m not doing this for the games we play, as we hardly ever play any games. The worst part is, I really want to have a go at War of the Ring again – it’s been several years since we played that. Or what about Hero Quest. Haven’t touched that since 2009 either. Haven’t posted about it here, but I did a pretty serious DIY copy of it, including custom cards and a metric fuck-ton of D&D plastics that cost me a small fortune to get multiples of some rather rare models. Here’s a pic of a game in progress.

All these games go un-played though, as time and commitment is lacking. The main problem is my approach to gaming… I want to play games with my friends, people I enjoy hanging out with. I don’t really care that much about the game itself, it’s the socializing that’s important to me. I’ve tried playing in clubs and in-store events, but if there’s no personal relation with your opponent it’s just going through the motions without passion. I won’t waste time playing games with people I wouldn’t enjoy hanging out with under other circumstances.

Let’s hope there’s an abundance of gaming in store for me in 2013. I’ve recently come across a fellow gaming geek at my work place, whom I also share a lot of other things with. Unfortunately, for scheduling purposes, one of them is being a parent of a li’l un. So far, we’ve managed to get two games of Blood Bowl played, in about four months. Not bad, for old geezers!

Aug 122012

I normally don’t do musing blurbs on what’s going on in the online realm of miniatures but the Reaper Kickstarter really needs a bit of plugging. Go support Reaper’s Bones Kickstarter – now! For $125 (or just $100 if you’re in the US) you get an ungodly amount of knobrot miniatures!

Look at all that un-lead!

Seriously. Even I, who don’t much like the style of Reaper models, am going to pledge. At this time, you get just over 100 models for your $100, and the amount is ever increasing. I’ve been following how things progress over the last few days and I’m getting damn excited. DAMN EXCITED I TELLS YOUS! Yes, in caps. I’m even telling my wife and friends (none of which could care less) about this. They nod, tilt their heads and say “mhm… Anyways…” – but I don’t care. I’m so excited. I just can’t hide it. See? Pointer Sisters, damnit!

Aug 022012

I did a rather comprehensive and detailed plan for my hobby activities for 2012 in January. What good is a plan if it’s not reviewed and re-evaluated? That time is now! Unfortunately I don’t have much in the way of new photos to illustrate my progress. Would be too much of a rehash from the LPL recap.

Songs of Stillburg
For Stillburg I had several goals for 2012:

  • Finish the battle reports for scenarios 2 and 3, which I have done. That was quite a load off my back there!
  • Paint the undead models needed for scenario 4, which I have also done. See painting back log below for details.
  • Write up the rules and preamble for scenario 4, which is half done. I haven’t written the fluff but the actual scenario is finished construction wise.
  • Build A LOT of houses for scenario 4. Not done by far. I’ve made several new buildings that I can use, but need plenty more. Here are my most recent additions, and yes – I know I ought to fix the edges and score lines with a pen but I’m focusing on getting as many as possible done as soon as possible.

Painting backlog for Stillburg undead:

  • 1 x Skeleton Captain (Robed skeleton)
  • 4 x Ghouls
  • 1 x Skeleton Hero (Krell, of Lichemaster fame)
  • 1 x Necromancer (well… chaos sorcerer)
  • 2 x Wights (using Grave Guard)
  • 1 x Ghost (Using an old wraith)
  • 1 x Necromancer Apprentice – Painted!
  • 2 x Zombie Lieutenants – Painted!
  • 10 x Zombies – Painted!
  • 1 x Catapult – Painted!
  • 3 x Skeleton Crew – Painted!
  • 1 x Skeleton Captain (Mordini champion) – Painted!
  • 1 x Zombie Hulk – Painted!

So, of 29 scheduled minis in this project, I’ve painted 19 and have 10 to go. All the minis needed for scenario 4 are done, and most for scenario 5 and 6 too!

I haven’t started on the scratchbuilt wizard’s tower for scenario 6. No problem there, it’s more in the scope of 2013 or 2014 to play scenario 6. Same goes for the dungeon tiles (but will need those for Dungeon Bowl real soon like).

In addition to the undead above, I’ve finished painting several (5 out of 7) of the ally models I have planned for the heroes!


Re-basing painted miniatures I’ve purchased
No rebasing done yet, and I even have a few more minis to rebase now (painted by LeadAsbestos). I have touched up the civilian models I need for scenario 4 in Stillburg, and have them and several others mounted on proper bases waiting for gravel, paint and flock.


Dungeon Bowl
No progress made on the dungeon tiles for this, but will have to fix them up rather soon as I hope to play some Dungeon Bowl next week when a friend visits.

I’ve finished roughly half the Doom Forgers team, while all other teams are still bare uncleaned metal. The collecting of the teams is going quite well and I’ve even started compiling a few extra team lists for the races not included in the original 2nd edition Dungeon Bowl teams (chaos, chaos dwarfs, wood elves, high elves, amazons, norse, nurgle, vampire, necromantic and khemri).


Star Wars
Nothing happening here, but I’ve tried a rule set (Brink of Battle, from Robert “Faust23” Faust) that I think will work quite well for regular troopers. The project is definitely on hold, but can be whipped out at any time as I have the rules, the miniatures (prepainted plastics) and everything else needed. I lack properly Star Warsey terrain, but could well do some forest planet with my fantasy stuff.


Olley vs Olley
Haven’t found a single goblin for this project, apart from the three I had allready done. Have mounted and primed a bunch of the animals though, and they’re moving up the painting queue in order for my total tally this year to even out (-ish…). Stay tuned!


Dungeon Crawl
No progress here… though I did get Ganesha’s “Tales of Blades and Heroes”, which seems to be a pretty decent fit for a dungeon crawl.


HOTT / Songs of Armies and Hordes
Also on hold, though I’m hoping to paint some more tiny dwarfs for exactly the same tally related reasons as stated above.


Mutants and Death Ray Guns or Post Apoc in general
Nothing yet. Don’t hold your breath! =)


Regiments of Renown
The champion from Mordini’s have been painted and I’ve stripped a few other models (Grom’s pre-slotta guard, Redemptionists and Knights of the flame command). Not much else happening.


Larger playing surface
Nothing yet, but I did get samples from Zuzzy. Liked them, but they were very flimsy and would require support on my table as it’s 100×200 cm. I would like the playing area to be 120×180.


A miniature a week!
Proceeding rather nicely on this! It’s week 31 as I type this, and I’ve got 51 models painted so far.


Going forward then…
So, the new priority list looks like this:
1. Sort out a few dungeon tiles for Dungeon Bowl
2. Finish scenario 4 for Stillburg and play the damned thing!
3. Base up allready painted miniatures.
4. Get the Doom Forgers DB team finished.
5. Get another starting team done for Dungeon Bowl.
6. Paint lots of tiny little guys to bolster my annual total!

I’ve scrapped the Star Wars project from my priority list for now. I’m also putting my plans for 15mm post apoc on hold, as it involves getting new lead and I’m trying my absolute hardest to not get more lead than necessary. Then again, I’ve got two or three new projects on my road map:


Plastic WHFB3
I’ve owned a set of 16 plastic dwarf warriors since the mid 90s. Tried to sell them several times, but it never panned out. Not even for a quid. I tried GIVING them away. No dice… So, I succumbed and started painting them recently. One thing led to another, and now I have a rough plan on how to set up a few 1000-ish points of forces for WHFB 3rd edition, based properly on slottas and all. I’m sticking to solid cast plastics as far as I can. It’s a slow burner, but if I get some more dwarves from Paul over at sho3box they’ll get bumped up the priority list.


Olley-only chaos warband for SBH
I’ll post a full description of this any day now, I’ve got all the models (and then some) and need to decide on whether I want to paint them myself or ship them off to have them painted for me. It’s a mix of old Metal Magic, Citadel and Ral Partha with a sprinkling of Olley’s Armies trolls (huge!). I really want to do them myself, but at the same time it’s a bit of a daunting project and having them sent off for a commission would be a good way of getting them finished quickly.


SBH map based campaign fun
Not much painting involved in this, I’ve already have most of what I need painted and would only have to complement with a few pieces here and there. Inspired by the campaign over at Chicago Skirmish Wargamers’ blog. Biggest problem is to get an engine up for the map parts and then to find mates to play it with.

Jul 102012

In my last post, I listed the miniatures that I want the most. This time, I’m listing the ones I “need” the most to fill gaps in the collection, and that I will indeed eventually get my hands on (save #1).

The list of stuff that I really really need and actually aim to get (except for Osrim)


#10. BDD1 Treasure Chest
Not much to say – it’s a chest, and apart from the cleric it’s the only part I miss from the BDD1 set. No doubt harder to come by than the cleric himself.

Pic from SoL

#9. Smiorgan Baldhead
This Eternal Champions chap have been on my radar for a long time. He’s not part of a systematic collection, but intended for a warband project. I really like it, it’s not unattainable and I would put it to good use straight away. That’s the reason it’s on this list and not the other one.

Pic from Mason’s thread at LAF


#8. Grograt Crunchskull
Blood Bowl troll star player sculpted by Bob Olley. Another one I used to own but stupidly sold off in a fit of downsizing. For my Dungeon Bowl teams.

Pic from White Dwarf


 #7. Morg’n’throg
Ogre star player, also by Olley. Also had this once upon a time. Yeah, you know the story by now. Dumb…

Pic from White Dwarf


#6. Bugman’s champion
This peglegged little freak is apparently quite rare and often goes for stupid money ™ on eBay. I would very much like one, to complete my RR1.

Pic from SoL

 #5. Owd Rodger (aka Thug with dagger #2) and/or Nob
For my Felix & Gotrek goes 3rd edition minis project. He’d be part of the sewer jack team our heroes join. Great figs, really!

Pic from SoL

#4. Harboth’s Musician
The only model missing from the old pre-slotta Harboth’s. If you have one, please have a heart and sell him to me. The rest of the regiment are based and primed just waiting for this chap to join before painting.

Pic from SoL

#3. Mayor Leofwine
The good Mayor from the Orc’s Drift scenario isn’t even scenario specific but is still rare as hen’s teeth. From the very first line of slotta figs, I assume many have succumbed to rot what with the metal quality being rather dodgy and all.

Pic from CCM


#2. Guthrum Mane (aka Giant Hilltroll)
Big nasty troll, also from Orc’s Drift – but not scenario specific. Doesn’t seem to be very rare, but I always miss out while everybody around me seem to get these on bargains. Not fair!

Pic from Tea’s Getting Cold


#1. Osrim Chardz, again…
Yeah, he made #1 on this list too. Bastard.

Pic from CCM


I do have some honorable mentions for this list too, that didn’t quite make it because they’re either too dull for a list or I couldn’t decide on what to drop in their place.

* Original Bugman’s musician – I can view my regiment as complete without this chap and have actually passed on buying one, but if I would get one I would feel quite warm and fuzzy inside knowing the gang is one step closer to completion.

* Mudat’s half orc maniacs command – I only have the standard bearer (and lots of troopers), I really want these but not enough to dedicate three slots on the list for them.

* The BDD1 cleric – Would definitely get one if I came across it, but for some reason I don’t really feel like I care much. The chest listed above seems more important. Odd…

* Grom’s original musician (pre-slotta) and champion (pre-slotta RR but slotta model, weird huh?) – These would actually be really, really nice. They should’ve been on the list, but I couldn’t decide on what NOT to put on the list if they went on it.