Apr 222012

This week I continued the Bob Olley theme in a deliberate effort to get some more chaos flavoured miniatures to make up a chaos warband of just Olley models. From Citadel, I’ve got his harpies, an ogre and a handfull of beast men. I didn’t think that was enough though, especially since all the beastmen are rank and file chaps. Thus I placed an order with Mega Miniatures and another one with Armorcast (who bought some of the Olley molds from Mega).

Mega Miniatures and Armorcast

While I was at it I also got a few other useful things from Mega (two chaos centaurs by Olley, a cart with driver and horse, a halfling thief, a damsel in distress and two rather random platypus). For the Olley warband, I got four chaos dwarves from Armorcast and four from Mega, and I’ll use the centaurs there too.

I also managed to do a bit of a silly spur of the moment purchase from a favourite seller on eBid. I had just finished setting up a checklist for the skaven and chaos models I’m missing. With a checklist you can avoid buying duplicates, that’s a great thing – but it also is fuel for the collector obsession fire. Not such a great thing.

Skaven and such...

I have also managed to find a pair of wings for the wing-less harpy I got a while back. As I haven’t been painting anything at all for the last two weeks (poor combination with an ongoing LPL tournament!) this sudden increase in acquired miniatures have really messed with my total tally. Total amount for 2012 is 44 painted – 180 acquired = -136

Found a bunch of old photos of my rather ancient Warhammer 40K army and might post some of those later this week, merely to get some painted lead on here and not only purchases on my kitchen counter.

Apr 132012

One of my favourite sculptors is Bob Olley. I really disliked his style when I was younger, in the early 90s. The cartoony and exaggerated anatomy of the Blood Bowl ogres, coupled with the rather stiff manequin posing didn’t appeal to me at all at the time. I still think his sculpts are pretty goofy, especially the Essex ones and those (mostly) horrible Black Orcs he did for Citadel – but there are some absolute gems in there too. For instance, his Iron Claw goblins or the aforementioned Blood Bowl ogres. Also, his newer stuff is brilliant – especially the little Splintered Lands anthropomorphic animals.

Olley, Adams and Copplestone - yum!

Among the gems are also his Citadel beastmen from the late 80s. I’ve got a few, and when I stumbled over a virtual Olley gold mine on eBay I couldn’t help myself and bought even more. The same seller also had the set of harpies for sale, as well as the rather rare and elusive Blood Bowl Troll #3. They’re all mine now!

I’ve also been getting some more Blood Bowl stuff for my Dungeon Bowl project. Four orcs and three humans.

Last week I didn’t post what I had been getting (mostly) – I suppose easter got in the way. Here’s the picture I took though. It’s a parcel from Alternative Armies, containing Jes Goodwin’s old barbarians and some lesser goblins by Kev Adams.

Haha, my parcel is hilariously squashed! Such fun!

The lead was ok though!

Luckily the chaps and/or chapettes over at Alternative Armies know how to pack their parcels so no lead was harmed. These guys were all bought on a whim. Alternative had 20% off, and I had been eyeing the old barbarians by Jes Goodwin for some time. It’s a neat little set, with nicely sculpted minis that when painted as a group will make up a great warband for Song of Blades, Skulldred or Brink of Battle – whatever I will go for in the end. The lesser goblins were a super impulse buy. I sort of regret it, as they’re really small and I’m sure I won’t paint them any time soon. Also, those spears are very fragile. They’ll make nice snotlings for dungeon crawling though. The barbarians will go out on commission if I can find a painter willing to do them for a good price.

These weren’t the only additions though. I also got two pre-slotta pirates from the Citadel rogues line. Forgot to take a photo of them, so I’ll just include them in my every-growing negative lead tally. Total tally for 2012 is now 44 painted – 154 acquired = -110! Yikes.

Mar 302012

This week I got some Buccaneer Orcs from Black Hat Miniatures and a couple of pre-slotta Citadel pirates. Consider me timbers well and truly shivered, Jim laddie.


It’s quite obvious what I’m going for with this week’s acquisitions. I’m stocking up for my round 10 entry in the LPL; the maritime bonus round! Not exactly sure how I’ll do it though, I’ve got three teams for the round but only need two. The original thought was to do Marauder Sea Elves vs Black Hat Buccaneer Orcs. When I discovered the pirate section of the old C04 Thieves range, I couldn’t help myself but get a few of them too. I’ll try to finish one of them to enter in round 9 and possibly create some sort of trans-round narrative. Got two more of the C04 rogues incoming (including the captain chap) and to back them up is an orc with a hook for a hand and a nice piratey axe.

I’ve finished the secondary team for round 5, more or less. I’ll continue working on them up until the bitter end – deadline is tomorrow at noon. I could submit them as they are now though, but wouldn’t be happy with them. Total tally for 2012 is now 39 painted – 116 acquired = -77.

Mar 162012

This week I only got one miniature; the minstrel from the old Talisman range of models. Didn’t bother photographing it, as that seemed a bit much (or little, depending on your perspective on it and life in general).

Instead, I’ve got some random old Blood Bowl models I painted up years ago. First out, a third edition skaven gutter runner.

I did this in the early 2000s, as a test for the team colour scheme. Still pretty content with how he looks. The bright yellow base ring is a remnant from my 2nd edition days where player positions were indicated by base colour. Yellow is for catchers. Most modern day players hate colour coded bases. I still like it, but will do the colour coding less blatant on my future Blood Bowl players. I have no more models from the 3rd edition skaven team (sold them off in my mid 2000s lead purge), so he’ll languish in solitude forever.

Next, some pretty special models. The left one is a regular issue 2nd edition Chaos Player #2. To the right is one of Tom Anders’ Chaos Cup specials, which were resculpts and/or recasts (in the most legit sense of the word) of the Chaos All Stars team Phil Lewis did back in the days.

I’m using these both as blitzers in a “counts as” human team. I’ve got all the Chaos Cup figs as well as some nice 2nd edition chaos and human models. I’ll have to rebase these, but will try to stick to the paint scheme for the rest of the team. Hopefully I’ll be able to do them “soon”.

Finally, a little off-pitch token for those Get The Ref results! A 2nd edition dwarf referee.

In 2nd edition Blood Bowl, there were actually rules for an on-pitch referee moving at random and requiring line of sight to spot fouls and other tomfoolery. That went out the window with lots of other cool stuff when the much improved (but less flavourful) 3rd edition was released. I never use this model for anything, but I do quite like it. Painted sometime around 2006 or so.

That’s it for this time. The LPL is proceeding as planned, though I’m losing the current round (with only a few votes!). I’ve had a rough time painting recently so not much work done. Still plugging away on the team for round 5. Will have to do a replacement team for round 4, it seems. The current lead tally is 27 painted – 109 acquired = -82.

Mar 102012

Nothing much happening to post about the last weeks, but today I can at least do an acquisitions post. Earlier this week, I got some gaming mat samples from Zuzzy. They are a lot flimsier than I had expected, was hoping they would be a bit more rigid. Then again, being very flexible they will indeed roll up nicely when stowed away. I got one sample of each type,  I’ll give some more thorough opinions on them once I’ve had the time to try painting them.

Apart from the mats, I got an old Citadel orc big’un and 10 little bats (two Citadel bat swarm blisters). Total tally for the week is: 25 painted – 108 acquired = -83! Counting the bats as individual miniatures really caused the numbers to plummet. Oh well, I’ll try to include them in an LPL entry. They’ll paint up real quick like.

Speaking of the LPL, I’ve finished and submitted the first three teams. Round one is almost over (last day today) and it’s going quite well. I’ll post a pic here tomorrow of that team. Finally I can go back to post some painted lead here! I’ve been a bit lax (and ill for a week) so my painting have suffered. I’m still working on the round 5 teams. I’ll try to complete them next week and get started on round 4 (where I’ll include the bats).