Oct 182012

It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog front. Not much have happened to write about, I’m slowly chipping away at the Doom Forgers. Have six in various states of WIP and three guys that are merely primed. I’ll have them done and posted up here in a few weeks time.

The in-flow have been fairly slow too, luckily. Last week I got the dragon ogre below, and this week I got a few more tidbits, including the Warhammer Armies book (finally) and a snotling pump wagon (one more off the top wish list).

From left to right: pumpwagon in bloody shambles, but salvageable. Dragon ogre in top shape. ADD1 mule (getting closer to a complete set there). Two orc warriors, one orc big’un (only lack about 10 warriors now and a single big’un to have those categories complete as catalogued in the ’88 catalogue) and an Olley black orc (don’t really like these guys, but he’s a chaotic looking chap and will fit in nicely in my chaos Olley warband). Then we have a Talisman conjurer (daft model, looks like Abe Lincoln pulling a rabbit out of a hat), a chaos warrior/champion and finally a lead belcher with a mish-mash of crew.

I also got a handfull of snotlings with the pumpwagon, but most (12) of them were actually the small Blood Bowl snots and will probably be traded away for “proper” snotlings. Thus I’m not counting them against my total, and the wagon including any snotlings on it is counted as one model for tally purposes. Which brings me to the total tally for 2012, now 62 painted – 251 acquired = -189. I’ve painted two models fully, but won’t adjust my numbers until they’re posted here. Just need to take a few photos.

Sep 132012

Got another batch of finely detailed plastic miniatures from the 90s. This time Steve (from Tea’s Getting Cold) took pity on me (I assume because of the suffering endured when painting 16 identical dwarfs) and shipped me a box of free swag in varying states of decay.

Styrene for the styrene god!

I got 18 intact plastic dudes (6 chaos warriors, 4 beastmen, 4 goblins, 2 empire halbardiers, 1 elf archer and a dwarf) and almost double that with cut off weapons.

"Is that a beastman in your bitz box or are you just happy to see me?"

This brings my total for 2012 to 62 painted – 238 acquired = -176. I’ve vowed to paint the 18 intact models before the end of 2012, so expect to see more painted dull plastic dross on here. Before painting them, I’ll have another go at the Doom Forgers team for Dungeon Bowl. Ten more models to go there! I also have a very serious urge to paint up my “Chaos All-Stars” human team. I’ll postpone that to “after the plastics” though.

Aug 182012

A while ago I mentioned how I’m looking to expand on my plastic dwarf army with some non Citadel additions; the plastic solid cast crossbow dwarfs from EM4 (previously Grenadier’s plastics from their boxed game Fantasy Warriors). Paul of sho3box fame kindly offered to send me a few. I got more than a few though, so thank you very much Paul (once again)! The dwarfs look solid size wise while the orcs are a bit small and will be used as hobgoblins for the poor chaos dwarfs who only would have one troop type available. It all depends on how they paint up though. Expect a review on that soonish.

Too many misters, not enough sisters...

I also got a nice old Puggy Baconbreath (Citadel Blood Bowl star player) in the same shipment. Awesome mini! He’s filling the last halfling position in my Doom Forgers team and once I finish up the clone dwarfs I’m working on now he’s first in the painting queue.

I’ve been busy painting a little recently, but can’t show the stuff just yet. I’ve got an entry done for the Golden Gobbos (including a cheesy write-up and probably highly illegal WHFB3 stat line and special rules) and have finished a few more of my plastic dwarfs. I’ll post them as soon as I’ve got the whole unit done. Next week, probably.

So with these additions and the recent painting, the annual total is now 57 painted – 220 acquired = -163

Good thing the Reaper Bones pledge models won’t land until next year or my annual total would be shot to hell and then some! My painting plan is as follows:

  1. Finish the current unit of dwarfs for WHFB (5 models, all are WIP)
  2. Paint up Puggy in Doom Forgers’ colours (1 model, bare metal)
  3. Finish the rest of the Doom Forgers (9 models, all primed and ready for paint)
  4. Do random small critters, possibly some 18mm stuff – just to get the annual total as low as possible (and because I really feel like painting small scale fantasy). I’ve got a bunch of 28 mm wolves primed and ready for paint for instance. Also have some bats, lesser goblins (ie snotlings) and such to do. Yes, I’m going to use dirty tricks to sort out my annual total.
  5. While doing the above, I’ll also drop in on the Grenadier plastics from time to time.

I’ve rebased some minis I bought painted from people over at LAF and those will be photographed and posted here soon too. It’s been a while since I posted anything painted.

Jul 212012

But last week, that changed! I got three former Olley’s Armies models from Phantom Miniatures (a bit defunct, but email Francesco and he might have a few more models in stock); two rather large trolls and a huge frigging human ranger which towers over the old GW ogres I have. He’s going in the “for trade” bin.


The two trolls though, are intended for the chaos warband I’ve got planned for SOBH, with nothing but Bob Olley sculpts. They are big, but not too big. Handsome too! The left-most will be a troll giant (as he’s the same height as the largest old Metal Magic giants, which I have a few of). The other will be a giant troll. See the difference there. Eh?

These bring my total tally to 51 painted – 191 acquired = -140. Not counting the ranger above, and adding one to painted for the dwarf I painted for Adam.

The plastic WHFB dwarfs are coming along nicely, and I’ll post up a pic of all 16 painted soon.

Jun 062012

Have been a bit busy with the planning and execution of a stag do recently, as well as starting a new assignment for a new client at work. Not much painting going on (but some, very sporadic). I decided to see what I could do with a regiment of the single pose plastic dwarfs GW did in the 90s, painting them up as quickly and crudely as I can. I’ve tried selling them unpainted for ages and no-one wants to buy them. Guess I’ll just use them (and other plastics) for some 3rd edition Warhammer if I can coax any mates into giving it a whirl. I need another project like I need a hole in the head, but that never stopped me before. It’s just too much fun planning and thinking about these things.

These are my latest acquisitions. Completely forgot about posting them. A bunch of Ral Partha chaos warriors by Bob Olley for my Olley chaos warband. Also, an angel for a cousin of mine who collect angel figurines. I’ll paint it up for her as a belated birthday present.

Snapped off weapons on "mint in blister"... yay! =(

So with these additions – what’s my total tally for 2012? 44 painted – 189 acquired = -145! Crud… Well, I won’t get much more for a long time as I have no budget for gaming gear. After 9 months of parental leave, our buffers are drained and I’ve got some catching up to do. Haven’t bought any toys at all since april (including movies, music, books etc) and I’m more or less ahead on the selling off of lead. I think I’ve sold more than I’ve bought.

Getting these barbarians made the Olley band more or less complete. I’ve got armoured warriors, unarmoured warriors, a bunch of chaos dwarves (from Metal Magic), some chaos centaurs (also Metal Magic), Citadel beast men, an ogre and harpies. It has been fun to collect minis from different manufacturers but by the same sculptor. I’ll do a full feature of it eventually.

Also, I’ve got a “newly” painted team for the LPL that I just realised I haven’t posted on here. I’m hoping to get a snap of it up later today, actually. Just need to mow the lawn and appease she-who-rules with some more house work.